About Us

WarDiary.org was created by a group of people committed to the idea that greater communication between individuals can create peace. It's easy to hate strangers, harder to hate your friends. We are in love with the Internet as a means to CONNECT people and COMMUNICATE news across all boundaries.

So far there are three of us (myself, my husband, and of course, K.) and a few helpful friends working to get this site up and running. We (the married couple) found out about K. and her amazing stories from the friend who hosted her when she was a foreign exchange student here in the States. The power of K.'s writing combined with this personal connection inspired us to spread her words as far and wide as we can. What was once a distant political conflict is distant no longer. It is now the the horrible, daily reality of a new friend.

It's one thing to be able to read your local newspaper. It's entirely another to be able to read an unfiltered, first-person account of an important event happening half way around the world. I hope that K.'s writing inspires you to take an action toward peace. We encourage you to write to your Senators and State Representatives. They care what you think (it's how they got their jobs in the first place).


working late at night...