Daily Entry

September 28, 2000

Last night was a great night. Night to remember.

On the Republic Square in the heart of Belgrade Kostunica as well as the other representatives of DOS (Democratic Opositon of Serbia) spoken to the mass of people. I think that around 230,000 people were THERE last night.

Just before Kostunica had begun his speech fireworks appeared on our sky. I felt like this is the beginning of a New Year or that we should begin counting the days since yesterday, start from zero and moving on up.

Kostunica won. People won. We won. Our future won.

On the other side, SPS and JUL party say that there must be a second round of elections. I say that it will not come to that because there is no need. Kostunica won over 50% of votes and that is it. A fact.

What he can do? Well he can put army and police against the people.

What we will do? What can we do? We can fight but not on the streets.

We will fight in the other way. I do not think that police and army will stand by him. They will choose people as their side not one man and his people. He will not succeed this time...

I feel overwhelmed with what has happen. I was on the streets in those couple of days and what I saw on faces of my people was both happiness and non believing better like controlled happiness because we do not know that. We still look over our shoulder maybe it is a sick joke or a hidden camera because it is so good to be true.

I do not know, haven't met yet, the appreciation for a president for a person to whom I believe and am with his goals BELIEVE IN HIM! And I do. I'm a bit scared that something might happen and that this euphoria will stop but I do not want to.

What I saw on Sunday evening surrounded by people who cheer and scream and shout and are full of positive energy I want it to last.

Kostunica is our new president, president of new Yugoslavia, a man with the calm voice, not filled with charisma and impulsive nature (that is not his appeal) down to earth with the stature of your friend, neighbor [a ggo done ;)] citizen of Belgrade, the one you might meet in the open market without bodyguards around him because he is safe among us like we will be with him.

Serious looking man who doesn't smile much before there is something to smile about but when he smiles we will know that we are there! We arrived in front of the door of democracy, freedom, brighter future and the doors are open. We finally got home. He doesn't promise anything this achievement is just the half of our victory, we need to try and work more to live better and we will all together stand on our feet and make this country a safe, secure place with the future for us all not wanting to go somewhere else because there will not be need for those wishes. One day, we will all fulfill are wishes and dreams right here! It will not be tomorrow not the day after but it is coming this way.

So I say "Welcome Kostunica" we want you we've chosen you and we believe in you we will keep your back from the villains who are sinking in the darkest deep of their lies, cheating, stealing they've fallen in their own hole. They disappear.

There are more of us who are with you and with Yugoslavia.

I think that this is the end of one history, of one man and his family and his gang. At last a good ending.

Beginning of other stories, a white paper on which we all we write and feel important in everything that is going on in this country. We will decide of our future, upon our lives.