Introduction to this situation (written by K)

Who is involved?
NATO - 19 countries, 700 000 000 people
Yugoslavia - one country, 10 000 000 people
KLA - terroristic organization, number ?

What is Yugoslavia?
Federal republic of Yugoslavia is a country consisted of Serbia, Montenegro,and two provences - Vojvodina on north, and Kosovo and Metohija on south of it.

Where is Yugoslavia?
Yugoslavia is in East Europe on Balkan peninsula, it has 10 000 000 citizens and various religions are represented in it (Orthodox, Catholics, Muslims) along with the nations. People from Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Turkey, and Bosnia live here. The capital of Serbia and Yugoslavia is Belgrade/Beograd with its 2 000 000 citizens.

What is happenning in Kosovo and Metohija right now?
The Yugoslav army and police (there is not such thing as an Serbian army just VJ [Vojska Jugoslavije] or Yugoslav Army) are fighting against the OVK (a.k.a. KLA) terroristic oranization which is trying to cut off Kosovo from Yugoslavia. That fight has lasted over the years, but now it involves many refugees fleeing from there because of the ultimatums from the KLA and fear from NATO bombing. As for ethnic cleansing, I do not know it has been done there, but Albanian refugees are frightened.

Albania is the poorest country in Europe and its people live hard, it is this way over the decades. They came to Yugoslavia on Kosovo territory in search of better life for themselves. Over the years the number of them increases "thanks to" the Yugoslavian politics and the freedom of crossing the border at any time without any document like visa or working permit...just their ID.

Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija
They had complete freedom of everything in it. From the educational system, to the equal rights like Yugoslavs. They got our ID card, passport, they were voting and living their lives like they are in Albania. But they didn't like us much.

In the year of 1995. I went for the first time in Kosovo with my high school on the excursion. I had never been there before and I couldn't imagine that it was like that at all. Firstly, on our entrance to Pristina city we were informed to not pay attention to the kids outside. They were throwing rocks at us and swearing all the time. We couldn't believe it. If I was put there and not knowing where I was, I wouldn't know that I was still in my country. Our excursion was about the Byzantine monasteries and churches in Serbia, and Kosovo, and Metohija. We visited over 20 of them.

Cultural point of Kosovo and why it means so much to Yugoslav people
There are more than 300 churches and monasteries on that small territory ranging all the way back to XII century (or 12th century). They are the asylums to all those who need help, and they are the ones that help throughout the decades. Not to mention their beauty and what they represent in the world heritage.

Kosovo and Metohija in the medieval time of Sebia was the sacred territory where our czar lived and when Serbian people believed in church the most.

From the historic point the great battle was held there against the Turks when both rulers lost their lives on the Kosovo polje in 1389. And many other decisions were made there.

What does it means to Albanians
They live there for a long time and they want that land for themselves even though they have the freedom in it as no other ethnic group has in the world. Their nationality rate grew along with the years and an ordinary Albanian family has more than 6 kids. As for us we have two.

What does it mean to NATO
They do not care either for Serbs or for Albanians. They care about the territory again. They want to be there also like they are still in Bosnia and the Republic of Srpska and they want to rule there! To have their people there to know what is going on and make the Kosovo a new starting point towards the East.

Albanian refugees
Fleeing from the country, their documents have been taken. They are going to foreign countries. They are temporarily lost.

What happened to 100 000 young Albanians?
They are probably drawn into the KLA actions or either in Albania. I just can't believe that our army killed 100 000 men! Do not think so.

Serbian refugees
Over 200 000 people left Kosovo before the NATO attacks from the KLA actions, and world news was somehow blind to that fact.

Future of Kosovo
I do not see it clearly. Who will live there? Will refugees come back to it?

Future of Yugoslavia
Economic fall, more problems in every way, lost jobs, future without meaning for decades. Everything is leading toward country's poverty.

Who is paying for all those actions in Kosovo?
Civilians who are under the constant attack over a month!!!!!!!so far. The places that haven't been hit in Yugoslavia I can count on my one hand. The people are disturbed, occasionaly without power, water, phones.

At night comes the dark with explosions everwhere to be heard.

When it is going to end?
NATO got into it and the only way it wants to get out of it is as a winner. We will see what will come out of it.

Foreign countries either do not allow or show the anti-war demonstrations throughout the world. They even hit our TV station because it didn't say what THEY WANT TO BE SAID.

Suffer the most from both sides and will never understand or forgive this action.