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October 5, 2000

What a day! What beginning of our new life.

1,000,000 people were on the streets! Do you know how many people that is? Faces, smiles, unknown people who smile at you wave to you and send you the strength to stay. STAY on the street until HE IS GONE.

All around Serbia people came, students, workers, professors, doctors and ages from 18-80 or more.

My people united in one thing! To live better, to be safe, to stand still with their heads up high in pride asking him to go. To leave us alone and give us our life back.

We succeeded. We weren't afraid of blue collars, of tear gasses (though they did bring confusion because in such mass of people you do not know what is going on you just hear from someone else and he heard from someone near to the parliament).

I was standing on the corner near Parliament building cheering at the groups of people who came from all over Serbia to Belgrade. They were coming and coming and coming. Like we all were THERE yesterday right here right now we were there and wanted the end. All windows on all surrounded building were filled with people who throw little pieces of papers on the groups arriving as a welcome sign.

We marched into the parliament building (not I particularly) but my people did. We got in RTS TV building and stopped the transmission, one police station right in the center "surrendered" and started hugging and kissing with the people, giving away souvenirs to them like helmets and cuffs and all other stuff. Unbelievable.

I'm still in a state of positive shock overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

When first tear gas was thrown and part of the mass start to run away I though that is it, they won again, couple of tear gas and we are all going home. But no, we all just made circle around the square and stood there.

Belgrade was crowded. It wasn't as before, not only on that marked place were protestors but whole city was on foot, some holding radios and walkmans in their hands listening to radio index and their news some sitting in their cars with open doors so the other can hear what, where, when is going on.

All mobile phone lines were dead so the radio was the only info we got. There were no leaders, there was not a plan, there wasn't any timetable. Just us. Spontaneously doing what we couldn't keep in ourselves anymore and we did it. He is in some corner who knows where and we are in our free city, my Belgrade, my Serbia, my Yugoslavia, my new country with woken people who all say



ps - There is no more RTS TV with regime programme, no more TV POLITIKA. Also on those channels now there are journalists from those houses but the ones who were against the regime and who were strikers and also the ones who signed the petition that their TV houses will be objective and start to tell people and show WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING in our country.

That is so still unbelievable to me.

POLITIKA newspapers, the largest paper house here was printed with the KOSTUNICA on the front page. A new company of people has edit it and I will keep it. I will put in in some place so I can remember this day.

Radio Jugoslavija, Beograd 202, Radio Beograd Prvi Program, all those radio stations are now FREE and objective and have a new plan. All that happened in just one day.

There is no more lies on the TV, in the papers, on the radio now whatever you hear is true it is backed by picture and sound and the voices of people telling the whole story.

Kostunica was on RTS TV last night for the first tame addressing to the people. That was really exciting.