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Tue May 22 05:12:21 MDT 2001
Kiljaedan Sargeras (
Australia, NSW

You doods just rip it up,u just saved my life.i wouldve been fully killed tomorrow if i didn't have at least one dairy entry for my teachers from WW II.
Thanx for makin' this site u doods r lifesavers.:)

Fri May 11 18:14:00 MDT 2001
Agon (
Kosova, Prishtina

Dear Katarina,

I also shared with you the joy and happiness when Serbia's regime went done because I was hoping that the new administration that was calling themselves "Democrat" will do everything possible to restore democracy and justice in that region.

Unfortunately, that never happened despite their promises and "desire" (as they say). The reality is still very sad, the new administration is going through the similar footsteps as the previous one did. I truly hope that very soon that will change because we saw that the way that previous regime choose to go brought just pain, discrimination and violence in that region.

Let's hope that real roots of democracy will be restored in that part of Europe.

Mon May 7 18:14:58 MDT 2001
Aleksandar (packez@ptt.yu)
Srbija, Shumadija

I just stop by to tell you that is a really cool site and great diary! It's obviosly that K.'s diary is a true story with a emotional touch. I thank God for oportunity to meet K in person!!!
I just can't explain to myself why in my country just a few people knows about this...

Wed May 2 17:32:18 MDT 2001
DJ (
"United" states, Washington DC

Dear Friends,
I am 27 years old and I have just found your site. I wanted to say the US government has made it unpopular to talk about Kos-Met. Nato has botched things up very badly. Americans here will tell you "we left Kosovo last year.. I think?" I wait and wonder what will really happen to my Beutiful Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavia I still fight for a free, peaceful and without Nato Yugoslavia. I took the wrong side in the war as far as the US government is concerned and I am still fighting the results of my decisions trying to get a job. It is now very hot here and a thunderstorm is starting to roll in it is over 30 degress! (first hot day) There is the state news on now about 7:30 (1930) which is some of the most creative lies on earth and total silence about Kos-Met and then there is the "Regular" news which is just the network news was like on studio b or pink, politika during His rule. I like your site you should try to keep it up for long time.
Dokasnije na SADu! DJ

Thu Mar 15 04:57:43 MST 2001
Magnus Nordmyr (
Finnich, Molpe

I like wardiary.
This is a good!


Tue Feb 13 10:37:43 MST 2001
darryl gibney (
ireland, dublin

i'm glad to hear its all over and you're alright...physically anyway. i realise i'm a couple of years to late to offer any help but i suppose thats how everyone feels that had tosit and watch the plight of your people fromthe comfort of a warm home.good luck in your life k , you moreso than any of us deserve that much,
all my love and best wishes,
darryl gibney

Tue Jan 30 20:41:52 MST 2001
Colleen Brinen (

It's been almost 4 months since Milosevic was torn down from power by the people. I was just wondering how the country is rebuilding itself and how K is doing?

God Bless.


Sun Jan 21 13:38:13 MST 2001
mike c.h.s. (
usa, new mexico

this is to inform juan madden,
x-navy seal, of my e-mail address:

his lastknown e-mail address

thank you!

Wed Jan 17 13:15:42 MST 2001
Abigail Roberts (
USA, New York

Hi, I actually had a few questions that I was wondering if you could answer and/or direct me to people who can.

I work for a publication in Washington, DC, which is looking for information about Milosevic's fall. We have heard a few reports that the CIA helped Milosevic's fall through the internet.

We wanted to find out if people living in Servia had heard anything about it.


Abigail Roberts

Thu Dec 7 00:48:31 MST 2000
kuniaki japan

War made peace ?
Peace was made by war?

Thu Dec 7 00:44:54 MST 2000
tamai kuniaki (tomo/

War is not REAL

Sun Nov 19 06:17:13 MST 2000
Katsuhiro Uchida (
JAPAN, Saitama

I saw a TV program about this K's Diary the other day. One thing I felt very sad was there were many young people who had nothing to do with the war. They were not responsible for the war because young boys and girls had NO right to choose their politicians by election.
There have been so many children involved and killed in the wars all over the world. One thing I am sure is that there is NO country which has been completely innocent.
Katarina, I hope you keep continue to tell about war to the world!

Thanks for reading,
Katsuhiro Uchida

Mon Nov 6 18:25:33 MST 2000
eja (

After all of the anti-war sentiment on this site, does
anyone really believe that what happened in October would
have happened without the bombing and subsequent negative consequences??? Just something to think about.....

Sun Oct 15 04:11:56 MDT 2000
Hiroshi Aonuma (
Japan, Akita city

I have been waiting today!
Nobody can change the country except its people.
Congratulations on serbia People!

I was wondering how should we do for Yugoslavia during war in Bosnia.I used to read news papers,magazines,books.
But I couldn't find the answer.

Finaly I have found the answer is in the people on the street.

I believe in them. Because they have overcome many many difficulties that anyone never face.

Sat Oct 7 20:53:21 MDT 2000
Scott Mcwilliams (
united states, michigan

I am aq 43 yr.old truck driver who lives in Iron Mountain mi. I am really happy for all the people who just became free. It is amazing to watch a reveloution on cnn. It will take a long time, but when help starts to get there it will be ok. Please right back and keep in touch so I can here you tell me things are getting better. I could send pictures. Maby you could send me some. Welcome to the free world.

Sat Oct 7 20:39:06 MDT 2000
Bill Powers (
United States of America, Florida

What wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your people. Cherish these moments. Be very proud of yourself and your people. Give no credit to those who will be jumping in claiming this victory. This is YOUR victory and yours alone.

God Bless you and now you may continue with a peaceful and FREE life.

Sat Oct 7 11:02:43 MDT 2000
Toshiro TANAKA (
Japan, Hiroshima

Congratulations for your liberty you've achieved with your own hands!
I'm Japanese and studying international politics at British univ. Because the war in Kosovo happened just before I entered the univ., I came to be interested in what happened in the area of Balkans and related to that, the prevention of ethnic conflicts, etc.
I saw a TV programme treating about your diary (I think it was in August) in Japan and so knew about this homepage. It must have been very complex situation for you living as a resident in Yugoslavia where elites' policies and people's feelings didn't match each other. I think you're so brave to show your honest thoughts on the internet to the people all over the world and even reply to mails criticizing you...
But the time has come to reflect your thoughts on politics of your own country. We, as outsiders, shall welcome you as a member of international community.
Please keep this diary on the internet so that people can reflect the past to make the world better.
I really want to go there right now to help clean the city even I'm busy studying about democracy in my course, haha!! Anyway, I will visit your peaceful and lovely hometown in the near future.
Hopefully, see you then!?

Fri Oct 6 16:59:10 MDT 2000


Fri Oct 6 08:44:10 MDT 2000
Colleen Brinen (
Canada, Nova Scotia

Congratulations to Katarina and to all the people of Yugoslavia!!

The sites of your country are exciting and the lack of violence is utterly amazing.

May God Bless you always.


Fri Oct 6 06:11:05 MDT 2000
Nobuhiko (Suzuki)
Japan, but now in US, Fukuoka

Hello Katarina:Hi there, this is Nobbie. I just wanted to let you know that I have sent so many e-mails to my friends with introduction. I hope many people are praying for your country's new democracy at this moment. Katarina, hanging there. I pray for you. I am honored to witness your contry's new beginning with you by reading your diary.-N.S.

Thu Oct 5 22:46:02 MDT 2000
Peggy Ann Miller (
United Sates of America, Washington

My Thoughts and prayers are with you as this struggle continues. I can't speak from experience so I must use my life experiences to try and imagine how difficult this is. I am a grandmother of 10, Mother of 6 so the children are my focus. If we can do anything to help, please let us know. God be with you

Thu Oct 5 17:58:04 MDT 2000
Jimmy (MacLachlan)
US, Seattle, WA

I heard the replacement president is worse than the sitting president. My God, when will the agony of your people end?

Thu Oct 5 16:57:15 MDT 2000
Edward Hall (
United States, Florida

I want to tell you that when I saw the Television today showing the people in the streets taking over the Goverment buildings my heart was with you all.
Good luck on your mission and may God be with you in your victory.

Thu Oct 5 05:52:23 MDT 2000
Nobuhiko (Suzuki)
Japan, but now in US, Fukuoka

Hello Katarina:

Hi there, this is Nobbie. I just wanted to let you know that I have sent so many e-mails to my friends with introduction. I hope many people are praying for your country's new democracy at this moment. Katarina, hanging there. I pray for you. I am honored to witness your contry's new beginning with you by reading your diary.


Thu Sep 28 14:38:20 MDT 2000
Bill Powers (
United States of America, Florida

It is good to hear from you again. The elections are over and there is still turmoil, so I can only imagine your despair. Keep hanging in there, as you do have those of us who continue to pray for you.

Wed Sep 20 22:03:29 MDT 2000
Glen W. Christiansen (

I'm glad that my country took the time, and heart felt effort to bomb those commie bastards in Serbia. Those commie bastard ass holes could not ever tell the truth, even if it were to save themselves.

So, fuck you Commie Tommy!!

Long live the Usatasa and the USA!!!!

Sun Sep 17 05:42:32 MDT 2000
Nobuhiko (Suzuki)
Japan, Fukuoka

Dear all the people in the world:

Give Peace or chance!!!

"Keiten Aijin" (Respect Heaven and Love People)



Thu Sep 7 23:05:18 MDT 2000
Nami (
Japan, Chiba

Hello, K.
A couple of nights ago when I was about to go to sleep I saw the rerun of the NHK documentary on you, which I would have missed if I turned the TV off even a minute earlier! I am so glad that I didn't.

I must admit that I did not have close eyes on the war as I should have when it was actually going on, and just wish that I'd known of this site and followed your diary back then. No other war document could be mroe down-to-earth as this one, and I would have hold a totally different view on the war, and towrads your people.

I am sorry that you had to bear with slanders because some people didn't like what you wrote, but I really admire your work and I am very proud that you kept writing.

Whether or not we like what you go through, what you think and feel about it does not matter. What is importatnt for us is that we get the chance of knowing how you and the genaral public of Belgrade whom you represent live through your diary.

I hope you would not stop the great work. Please do write again and let us know what it has been lately.

Best Wishes,

Wed Sep 6 00:20:02 MDT 2000
Chieko (Matsumoto)
Japan, Saitama

Hello K
I saw you on Japanese TV program. I was kind of mad at how the American guy were talking about you. Like you'er complaining about your situation without think of
refugee's life. But that is not the issue here. It is not which side is suffering more. The problem is there is WAR!! and innocent people are suffering. If you are in middle of the war, how can you think about how the other side of people is living?! You are not the one want to fight. And I believe that people became to refugees also does not willing to fight.
I really wish what you are doing through this home page will help the situation someway, somehow.
You take great care of yourself.

Tue Sep 5 00:47:51 MDT 2000
Sakura Mitano (

Yesterday I saw the T.V. program about your daiary in Japan. Yugoslavia is such a far country to us and we sometimes see the news from your country as things happening somewhere very far from us. I leaned while you are writing your diary you were recieving so many mails criticizing your daiary. While I am understanding their anger for you, I also imagine your struggle to find a way to express yourself. The news and reports that we are recieving in our country are somehow filtered by our own political and ideal point of view. So I believe none of us have a correct nor true information. It is us, who have to be careful when we are recieving information. From the T.V. program I learned that we have to be more responsible for what we are recieving and what we are sending. I thing we can not criticize you based on the information that we are recieving... because, who knows wheather such information has been controlled or not....

I trully praise your corrage to speak our the world. I also sincerely hope the tranquility for all people who is struggling to recover the experiences.



Mon Sep 4 12:45:43 MDT 2000
sonoko baba ( )
japan, film maker

I'm a film maker, sending this from Japan.

I saw the TV program tonight. This is a shameful thing, but I'm a kind of typical Japanese, have not be interested in the news of other countries. That's because I'm living a peaceful place.
I'd never known, actully even now, about the situation about your country. I'd just seen a couple of miserable photos and articuls about Kosovo, or even never known the bombs that attacted your country was over. I'm totally the third person. But something moved me, and let me sit down in front of this keyboard.

I really respect your courage. I can't find any other word right now. You are standing with or against the things that lie on this world.
And take care of yourself. Your furture goes on this moment.

I hope this message will reach you as your message came to me.

your friend far away from you,

Thu Aug 31 03:09:06 MDT 2000
Ben (


I am a recent college graduate in Wisconsin who followed your site closely
during the war against your country. Ive always meant to say that your
writing was wonderful and did a perfect job at capturing emotions, both
yours and of the general public of Belgrade.

My interest in writing to you at this point is for a little bit of help.
Im an American citizen, but Ive always despised my nation's foreign policy.
Ive watched our Presidents from Reagan through Clinton create havoc and
death around the globe from Central America to the Balkans. Even jsut last
week Clinton approved sending $1 Billion in military aid to Colombia, just
as the Rebels and the Government there are engaging in peace talks.
America loves war because it makes so much money. All that money goes to
the military industry, which then donates to both of our political parties.
It effectively means we live with only one choice because both parties have
the same overall agenda in the world - making money off weapons sales.

Anyway, I travelled to Central Europe last year in July and really desired
to go into Yugoslavia. The closest I came was standing outside the
Yugoslav embassy in Budapest where they had put up photo displays of the
destruction of NATO bombs. There was a good deal of anti-NATO graffitti
(on a side note, I scrawled some anti-NATO grafitti in a bathroom of a
local club over a year ago and its still there today).
Now I am considering travelling to East Europe again sometime next year. I
have no idea if I am allowed, as a sympathetic American, to enter your
country. If I got a Visa to go do you think I would face many problems?
I've been studying Serb history (completely unknown here) lately and really
must see Serbia for myself. So do you know of any Americans who have
visited since the war? Do you know if this would work?

I only ask you because I imagine that through your website you have made
many American friends over the past year.

Thanks in advance,

p.s. Keep up entries as best you can, I've been following the lections as
much as possible.

Fri Aug 25 11:26:06 MDT 2000
Diana (
USA, Hampton, Virginia

Where is K? I've walked through her life quietly as an unseen observer for a while now, and listened to the comments of the others here who feel passionate about their own beliefs. For the past 6 months those thoughts seem to have grown silent. I hope she has not been tempered by the complacency she speaks of in her June entry, or think that because the fighting has stopped there's no need to tell the world what's going on in her country. Reconstruction can be as perilous as the war itself. She began to touch on that in her last post. I hope She and her family are both well ... and that she continues to be a bright voice for her people.

Sat Aug 19 03:24:48 MDT 2000
Guillaume (
Japan, Kanagawa

I'm a french living in Japan, and I saw the NHK program about one week ago. I was deeply moved, so I decided to let a few days pass before reacting, because reacting immediately would have been biased.

Above anything else, I have ONE thing to say after seeing the program and this website : war in itself is evil.

There is no such thing as a "good" war, a "holly" war or a "clean" war. War means the death of children, men, women, elderly, weak people. War means horrors perpetrated by humans to other humans. Sounds childish ? This is plain truth, however it may sound.

The crisis in Kossovo and the global warfare in Yugoslavia for the past few years is the proof of the complete failure of the human race to learn from its mistakes.

After World War II, everybody in Europe believed that the continent will never be the theatre of a war again. Never again.

The fact is, the war in Yugoslavia is very real, as K. as shown us. It is real for everyone : real for the Serbs, real for the Kossovars, real for every children that died, and every woman that was raped whoever they are.

Politicians tell us that serbs are the enemy. Milosevic tells serbs that every people from NATO country is the enemy. Some Serbs killed and terrorised kossovars before NATO action, and now some Kossovars do the same to Serbs living in Kossovo.

This is infuriating. I'm french and my country was at war with Japan. Should I hate every japanese for that ? For the mistakes of a few dead politicians 50 years ago ? Should every japanese hate me ? Should every Serb hate every Kossovar ? Every Kossovar, hate every Serb ?

If a Serbian child and a child from Kossovo meet each other, they will start playing together. Then, growing older, they will be told by everyone that they should hate each other because of some ethnics stupidity.

The point here is that we should all stop to listen to propaganda. The bombs thrown by NATO will be remembered by 2 or 3 generations, but it is not too late to do the right thing.

NATO and Milosevic basically use the same propaganda techniques. These techniques where used by axis and by allied suring the WWII, no "goog" no "bad" here. Just plain propaganda : "we are good, they are bad, they will loose, we will win, go young men, and die in the war"

Now tell me : if every single soldier (NATO or Serb) refused to pull the trigger, to terrorise people, what can the politicians do ? Imagine they declare a war... and nobody goes to it ? Do you really think there isn't enough space for everybody so that we have to kill each other ?

What I say may sound like a dream. And in the modern world, it is STILL a dream. But it should be our goal : never to wage war at another fellow human. If everybody does that at his own level, then atrocities will eventually cease.

The keyword here is EDUCATION. Educate everyone to learn that humans are equals, humans are the same, and ethnics is no reason to hate each other.

Educate everyone so that the tragedy of people in Kossovo, or the terrible war experience of K. never happens again.

This website is just a beginning. It is everybody's responsability to build a better future.


Tue Aug 15 13:27:26 MDT 2000
Kuniharu Iwasaki (
Japan, Saitama Prefecture

Dear Madams and Sirs,

Last week on TV I saw the program "Katalina's Wardiary".
Though I have read/seen many news regarding Kosobo, including the above TV program, I can not understand the following point.

Why NATO attacked Yugoslavia ?
Because NATO countries have same problem as Yugoslavia has in Cosobo.

Would you please let us know
your thought ?

Best Regards,

Haru Iwasaki

Tue Aug 15 12:29:17 MDT 2000
Kaz. Naguro (
Japan, Tokyo

Dear K,

I am 20 years old working at ad agency creating communication plan for our clients.
To tell you a truth, I did not know about until I saw the TV program on last Sunday which is same one seen some Japanese were taught.

When I was living in Germany, I had great interest about refugees, and learned many about people living under the war situation. Ive read many book which is written in stand point of view of UN, NGOs or academic,. I read some of previous diary and I found it is new for me. I did not think much from the view point of war victims.

Today, 15th August is the end of WW2 for Japanese which is 55 years ago. We Japanese all expect to not experience the war like you experienced. However the sad thing is not many people know about the wars.
I would like to translate your diary in to Japanese to tell the story to us, if your diary published in English.

I hope if you tell me about what kinds of programs you are interesting to make in the future.

Good luck,
Kaz. Naguro

Mon Aug 14 22:09:18 MDT 2000
Motohisa.Miyai (
Japan, Semiconductor Sales

Hello, Katerina. Nice to meet you.
I'm Motohisa Miyai from Japan.

First I saw you,and I meet this website on the TV program brought up last sunday in NHK in Japanese national TV.

I recorgnize some people,especially in NATO countries suppose,"Selvian is a victim,and KOSOVO,Croatian people are all true."

But I suppose,all the people who will introducting war,are all victims.

There mustn't be any war.

Because war against country and country have no profit,otherwise it kill faultless people,and in the wartime,all the people who is in the war,can't sleep all the night with dreadful of fears.

I know you will work for Broadcasting.
If so,please tell your conflict all over the world.
I will kept watching what you say,on the TV,Radio,and this website.

Mon Aug 14 11:42:22 MDT 2000
Taeko (
Japan, Kanagawa

Dear Katarina,

Hi, Katarina, how are you?
What are you doing in these day?

I have just know you through a Japanese TV program which reported about your e-mails made a circle of glass- rooted discussion about war and peace. I felt very lucky to watch the program and to know you. I hope you also will know me who is so moved by your existence.

I want to say to you that please don't feel sad or disappointed by nagetive e-mails about Serbs. There are so many kind of people and different ways of thinking in this world. Some type of person are so objective, while others not,rather subjective. Some fair, some not. But nobody can say who is right, who is wrong.

I am a Japanese. Japanese are criminals of war, at the same time we are first victims of nuclear bomb. Many people got killed by the bombs which were dropped by US Air Force.
My father was 14, and he lost everything by US bombing. Who judged him wrong and to decided to panish him?

A lot of people of the world hate Japan and Japanese, but some don't. I used to think why I was born in Japan, not in the States when was child, when I didn't understand the world. But after all, I found that there are no countries that don't have any sins. People nature are all same.

After a war, people have to re-develope their own country. Hope you can find joy to re-develope your country in a more beautiful way.

Please let me know what I can do for you. I would like to help you as much as I can.

Hope I can hear from you soon.

Good Luck!


Mon Aug 14 10:05:18 MDT 2000
Mieko Suzuki Takahashi (
Japan, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

In Japan, a special program on "WarDiary" was on Japanese television broadcaster NHK.

To remember the end of the Pacific war on August 15, 1945, with tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we always have special war-related programs this week.

In Japanese Constitutions, it is provided that we the Japanese renouce was as means for resolving international disputes.

In wars, war crimnals are also war victims.

It is unfortunate that some nations do not understand this truth.

All that we have to do is to stop killing, to say "No" in every occasion to stop killing.

Being a Jew who suffered a lot do not always affirm everything. They deprived Palestine land from the original inhabitants more than 3000 years ago.

The Japanese killed a lot of Asians as the Jews did thousands years ago.

Nobody should blame Katerina for the tragedy in her country. Whom should be blamed is NATO and its supportive countries, because it is clear that Katerina could not stop the tragedy but the NATO could have stopped the tragedy otherwise.

Mon Aug 14 07:44:13 MDT 2000
miya (
japan, Tokyo

i watched TV program yesterday in Tokyo,

my father is a Japanese and my mother is an Korean.
and i grew up in Korea for 10 years and Tokyo for more than 13 years.
i can say that the history is still hedden by Japanese. Japanese young people does not know what happened in the passed.

what i want to say is,
first of all, it is very important to know what our country have done to other country.
and you know what we should do.

wish all human can live in peace forever.

Mon Aug 14 05:15:21 MDT 2000, Japan

Same as many other Japanese people, I learned about this site through national broadcast of Japan.
What I could not stand was that people in United States making some comment on who is right and who is wrong. How can they such a thing when their country was never bombed in a war? Did their country ever became a warfield? I just could not listen to some guy sitting at his desk nice and peace, blaming someone who is actually experiencing the war. Someone who might die next day from bombing. I still do not think US has done something correct in the past wars, such as Vietnam, Kuwait and Yugo. I think USA needs to have a war every once in a while to get the industry going. Of course, I do not blame for the end guys who is actually fighting at the front line, I just could not stand the politics behind it. Especially for those who says what is right and what is wrong just by sitting at his or her desk applying some book theory.

My only belief is "ANY WAR IS WRONG"

Mon Aug 14 02:55:23 MDT 2000
Mariko Oya (

I'm a Japanese high school student.
I watched a TVprogram about this WarDiary last night.Watching it, I was shocked and found that war was still.I had thought I lived in peaceful world sinse then.But that was not correct.I felt great fear.
"PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE"Hearihg these words,I'm very sad.I never be able to understand that and I don't want to.
Why people hurt and kill people?That is worng.
I know about China.we Japanese had killed so many people and gave so many people great fear and sadness of death.I don't want to believe that,but this is the truth I must believe.
I think we Japanese must tell the TRUTH to next generation and never stop to tell.
We'll remember fear of war.
We'll never forget the truth.

Mon Aug 14 00:26:22 MDT 2000
Yoichi (

Dear K.

Last night I watched TV program about your diary on the web.

In the program many opinions were introduced from not only who symathizes with you but also who blames you.During watching arguement I remembered that one of famous sentences "Love your neighbor" in Christian Bible. And I realized it is very difficult to do it much more than to say so.

I feel your diary is like a Anne's diary in today.But it is lucky that your diary was not been given up by accident.Eventhough you and Anne are different position in the war, but Anne couldn't make an action against to her government.

Many people might blame you, but I think your diary on the web did act to all over the world.

Sun Aug 13 23:29:10 MDT 2000
Shigeru Murakami (
Japan, Fukui

I watched this your program on NHK TV last night and was very much moved by the program and your action in the war.

Japan has single race and we have not experienced any war since World War II which has been done more than 50 years ago. Therefore, I could not image any race problem ever. I in Japan do not understand why race problem is happen and why fellow humen kill each other.

So it was very important that your diary appeals many questions to the world and that we continue to argue over a war beyond a country and a race until word "war" does not exist.

Sun Aug 13 22:47:29 MDT 2000
Rie Asakura (
United States, Wisconsin

Hello Katrina! I'm 12 and a Japanese immigrant. I'm sorry for my spelling and grammer. It's one of my worst subject.
First hearing about this site was on a Japanese TV program, NHK. I thought "Another thing about WW2" When it becomes August, everything turns into the war's history. From the classbooks to the TV.
My backround is half Japanese, and half Chinese. My dad's parent talks about the war a lot when I went to Japan for a visit. Especially my grandma. She said when they ran out of food, they dug for bugs. She was being a target, with a gun, when she went back home from school. I've got more to tell but it is too negative.
I asked myself, why does people want war? I don't get it. People killed, refugees fleeing, torturing, bombings, sirens. What a war feels like. I don't like being a Japanese a lot. When people thinks about WW2, they point and glare at Japan. You tore our relatives lives. It is the same at Japan.
I feel that the war was not needed, just like the one we just had. Our history is not wanted to be heard about the war we caused. This is my thought. Other people who had read this mail, please e-mail me your thoughts too.

Sun Aug 13 17:02:36 MDT 2000
Jun (
JAPAN, Yokohama,Kanagawa


First my English is
very poor. If this mail have some impolite or mistake expression, please don't mind.

I am 23 years old university students living in Japan.
Yesterday night, I know your web site on a documentary TV program broadcasted in Japan.
I feel hesitate and complexed, because NATO's bomb is, I thought, a right way to stop miserable slaughter. But when I see you on TV, maybe you aware that war can see various vewpoints, like two sides of the same coin. And various opinion from all over the worla to your website said same thing.

In Japan, August 15th is the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War. But now, all the Japanese, except old people who had experienced war, pay no atttention to it. (But more than 50 years pass by experienced war people get fewer.) So, as same as WW2, present war far from our country is pay no attetion.
When I saw NATO bombing on TV news, I think that's no my business and it doesn't concern me, I thought.
So last night, I feel hesitate. My attitude of unconcern is so selfish.

TV sad your diary and this war is a first case where Bombing and bombed country's people are talk each other under the sky of bombing. I saw possibility of peace, that is all the races, nations, ethnic groups are copeing with each other. A man of powers often lead their country to war, ignore their people's oppinion, victim of bomb. But when many country's people, in cace serbian and NATO people, can talk about war on INTERNET and have right understand each other, every war can possibly stop, perhaps.

Sun Aug 13 13:55:52 MDT 2000 (
Japan, Osaka

Dear Katarina,

How do you do?

I watched your documentary of NHK yesterday.When I saw your tears,I felt sadness.Maybe,most important matter is "No justice at any war".

I'm glad to know your site.Thank you from Far East.

Sun Aug 13 11:01:28 MDT 2000
matsu (
Japan, Tokyo

Hello and nice to meet you here in the internet.

I'm 22 years old Japanese, university student. Please don't mind my broken English.

I assume that today many Japanese would e-mail you 'cause you know yesterday was the day when NHK TV program on you was on air.
I watched the tv program with an great interest. I learned many things.

I wonder if we could blame or bomb the people under the politically powerful people? for no one can choice the country in that he/she was born.

And if "American" political theory that emphathis on the democracy is correct, the fact that political minority who wouldn't support the Yugo's president can be killed by bombing is correct? democracy needs minority. i think that there is somewhat wrong.

But at the same time, i admit that intranational or international policy should be decided only by the situation, not by the ideal.

There is no ideal way i guess.

Sun Aug 13 09:25:18 MDT 2000

Say Hello From JAPAN.

I am just waching TV Proglam about your WEB SITE.

Well, It is very difficult thinking about WAR for JAPANESE.

JAPAN is very peasefull today.

I don't know why killed person,why hate friend your standing same LAND.

Offcouse,I understand your a part of history,but anyway, I wish your keep smiling,and your peasefull mind.

I have a qustion few things, First,Why are you MAKE web site?

Second,What do you think about Natiz? Last one, I have my web site, May I link your web site?

I am waiting for your responce.

Take care.

Sun Aug 13 09:19:30 MDT 2000
Caterina Tanaka (
Japaan, Tokyo

I am a Japanese-Brazilian living in Japan due to my husband's temporary business assignment and I've just watched a TV documentary run by the japanese public tv, NHK, on "THE WAR DIARY UNDER THE BOMBING - The internet diary during the war in Yugoslavia". I was very touched by your efforts to communicate to the world your tragic experience under the bombing. Now that I opened this site, I felt great encouragement in seeing that you are engaged with the people in Yugoslavia in fighting for the true freedom and social justice. It is very ironic that despite all the technology of the wars of the 90s, the real instigators of the atrocities go on unpunished, be it in Iraq or in Yugoslavia and for that, the people has to endure so much suffering.
Brazil was also under a dictatorship for 20 years. Many people were killed or exiled, especially the intellectuals and probable political leaders, leaving the country "brainless" for a long time. I was there too, marching for democracy and crying for justice, and after a lot of drawbacks, democracy was finally restored in the early nineties. We always had the believe that the "voice of the people is the voice of God", and sooner or later that proves to be the truth. So, I hope ou do not lose faith and continue to fight.
I pray for your safety and for the victory of the people.
Love, Caterina

Sun Aug 13 09:03:19 MDT 2000
osamu kanemura (
Japan, Hiroshima

Your experience is a shock to me.

I had supported NATO,s action when I saw your experience.
Because I believed that NATO,s action makes peace and free in Kosovo.
But now I find that NATO,s action doesn,t make peace and free in Kosovo.
I find that NATO,s action gave a only new hardship.
I am very sad.This world is not covered with peace.
I hope that someday this world become [EVERYONE LOVES EVERYONE]

I,m sorry I can,t use English.
someday I become using English well.I taik with you.
thank you

Sun Aug 13 09:02:21 MDT 2000
Keiko Kabasawa (
Japan, Tokyo

I watched about this site on today's TV programme.

It is very interesting to know that we have many different thinking and many different feeling(emotional).

I'm very sorry about the victims through the wars and I ask myself why we the people repeat same stupid, sad, wrong thing for long time.

Maybe throuhg this site, we can talk, think, shout that what we do to avoid wrong understanding and to avoid do the wars, non?

Sun Aug 13 08:58:35 MDT 2000
Yutaka Nakazawa (
Japan, Tokyo

How doy you do.I am a Japanese high school student.I knew the War Diary and this homepage by a documentary on TV.
Those people who were send e-mail about the War Diary interviewed a reporter. But,Japanese no one there. Ane I was disappointed.I think Japanese people should think more seriously about about the war.Because Japan, the war has ended since the World War 2,but in the world,the war has never ended.

Sun Aug 13 08:51:22 MDT 2000
Takayuki Ohno (
JAPAN, Yokohama

Tonight I've watched the TV which showed us the sorrowful conflicts in Yugoslavia thru NHK.
Maybe you are innconent and also one of victims of war which was occured by selfish politician.
But, as some American says in this program, if you do not resist to the politician, it means that you have allowed them to murder a bunch of peoples.
In 1940s, there were some resistants to object to fanatic militarist in Japan.
As a result, most of them were jailed and killed.
I don't want to say that you should die of the justice.
But you should say YES to the fact that your nation killed people in Kosovo.
Anyway the war is over and you're safe now.
I do hope you and your nation would never make same mistake there.

Sun Aug 13 08:43:06 MDT 2000
Taro Noguchi (
Japan, Tokyo

Today, I watched TV program "A dialogue under an aerial bombardment".
The TV program was made by NHK (Japanese national broadcast), and they focused what has happened this WAR and your site.
I feel very sorry that I really didnft notice about the war.
At the time it happened, I felt it was just another world things. I feel very ashamed of that.
I donft know who is justice and who is winner.
Only I can say is WAR is evil and we have to try to avoid it.
We should make our world peace.

Sun Aug 13 07:48:20 MDT 2000
Yukiko (
JAPAN, high school student


Hello. I am watching theTV program on NHK. Sorry, I can't tell you well in English. And so, I will make many mistake in this mail.

I think an air raid is bad. But, you are not right, too.
I am studying about Hiroshima, where an atomic bonb was dropped. Do you know about Hiroshima? What do you think about Hiroshima? People in Hiroshima knew nothing about the cicumstances of the war. although they new nothing, they were made a sacrifice of the atomic bonb and world War 2. Why, why the atomic bonb was dropped? The reason is very simple. The America wanted to show off its power to the Soviet. People in the Hiroshima were used by the America. People in the Hiroshima was not bad at all. Because, they couldn't do anything. But, couldn't you do anything? I think that you could do something.

Thank you for reading this poor mail.

Sun Aug 13 07:43:54 MDT 2000
keiko (
Japan, ka ga wa

I just sow that TV and they
are telling us about your diary. I was surprised what you told on tv.I didn't know aboout that. I know only my
country had same things but
only the story. But that story
make me so scared.
And I don't know what happn now in your country, I'll chake every day and please
tell us about your life.
take care and god breathe you!

Tue Jun 27 19:32:12 MDT 2000
Colleen Brinen (
Canada, NS

in reply to streambly (sp?) Katarina went to school in Maine and people in the USA have helped her stay connected by way of this site. She is real. A TV company is doing a documentary about war and the internet and are using this site as an example.

To Johnny D this site documents one person's experience of the war. It is not meant to see all points of view. Katarina has never said that the war was good, just, right or anything for the sort. all she has said is what she is told by her government and what she hears we are being told by ours. (remember no one can believe what the govt's tell us they are all hiding things) More importantly she has shared with us her pain, confusion, anger, saddness...need I go on? No matter what side a person is on or isn't on for that matter, war hurts everyone. and Katarina's writings portray that pain.
She's not writing about history she's writing from her present day context. She's not condoning anyone's actions in the war, she wants Milosovic out as much as we do, more than we do.

I think she is courageous to write and I am grateful that she has helped me to see war from yet another perspective.

Thank-you Katarina and praise God that you survived the war. I pray that you will survive this turmoil. I pray for your country.


Sun Jun 25 13:30:40 MDT 2000
me (

This is a beautifully executed piece of state derived propaganda. Gain some undeserved sympathy for the aggressors, and ignore everything else that has happened. Show some proof otherwise (how did you become an American exchange student? where did you go to school in Amercia? how come you were able to maintain internet access during the war?) or please shut this crap down. You certainly don't seem to be "As objective as I can".

Thu Jun 22 18:56:01 MDT 2000
JohnnyD (

I think its sad that this sites mentions so little about what the Serbians did previous to this war (Srebenica for example!). Why do all Serbians pretend to not know what has happened? Surely your are not THAT ignorant or stupid!

Thu Jun 1 13:56:23 MDT 2000
Tiffany laura (
U.S.A, Maine

Dear K,

How are you doing today?!!! this is Tiffany and Laura from Miss. Stauffer's class last year. How is it going over there? We read May 19, 2000 mail and it was really sad, and scary.!!! Do you remember us from last year when we wrote an e-mail to you when there was bombng going on? Well molly Magda Laura and I (Tiffany) sent you one than just laura sent you one. E-mail us back please! WE hope things turn up over there see you next time!

yours truly,
Tiffany, Laura

Thu Jun 1 13:45:35 MDT 2000
Magda (
America, Maine

Hello Katarina. I have wrote to you many times before. Japeneese News channel is now interviewing us. I told them that I belived in you and I knew you were going to be fine. You have the courage to do anything you want. You are a bright girl and thousands of people care about you. No matter what keep the shining smile up. Just look like you always look in the pictures when the world was in peace. Remenber I have faith in you and all you do.


Thu Jun 1 11:29:58 MDT 2000
anne stauffer (a stuffer)
U.S.A., Auburn/Andersccgion

I think that its sad that a war is going on in your country.

by Ashley Mcallister
Ms. Stuffer class.

Thu Jun 1 11:23:37 MDT 2000
Jessie and Sasha

Mrs.Behnke has told us so much about you.We fell really sorrey.hope youre o.k.
By, Jessie and Sasha

Thu Jun 1 11:22:29 MDT 2000

Dear Katarina,
I think it is really awful what is happening in your
country.We should not be bombing your country.I wish you


Thu Jun 1 11:20:00 MDT 2000
Brittni (astuffer@auburnschool)
auburn, Maine

Dear, katarina
hi my name is brittni
Im in ms.stuffer class i
sent you a picture i hope
you like it!!!!!!!
Can you come vist us before the year ends? PLEASE
Are you .o.k.?
me and Ms.stuffer are worried!
wev'e herd so much!

Write back

Thu Jun 1 11:15:57 MDT 2000


Wed May 31 16:14:48 MDT 2000
Bill Powers (
United States, Florida

Katarina, the film crew from Japan just left a couple of days ago. They were very nice and seemed to be very concerned for you. I did as much as I could and I certainly do hope it helps.
I hope things are going well for you. Hang in there ... there has got to be better days for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Bill P.

Fri May 26 11:20:42 MDT 2000
Mrs. Behnke's class (astauffer@auburnschl.ed)
U.S.A., Maine

Hi Katarina. My class reads this website and your wonderful words. We hope that one day you can come and visit us again. We've learned so much about you. Please take care of yourself!!!!!

Love, your students and friends hereFr

Fri May 19 21:06:21 MDT 2000
Bill Kelly (
U.S.A., Texas

In early March of 1999, I had barely even heard of Kosovo. I knew roughly where it was, but I knew nothing about the people living there or the reasons why they had a war. As I began to study the situation, I realized that attacking Yugoslavia was wrong. A year later, the magnitude of this mistake is even clearer. We have spent billions of dollars in our productivity destroying billions of dollars of Balkan productivity. We have left Kosovo poorer, more divided, and more violent. I've written two commentaries about the war on my website. They are at




Fri May 19 06:33:41 MDT 2000
Leonardo Lamego (

I was an exchange student in US, and there I met K. We went to the same high school.
I was so worried about her during the worse period of war in Yugoslavia. The news That got here showed the horror of the war. Civilians runing away and families being apart, by distance or by death... sad... I can't imagine how hard it must be.
In Brazil there's another kind of violence, we also can't control it. It's called poverty and hunger... There's two Brazils one rich and beautyfull and another one poor, sick and violent eventually they meet!

That's all by now.

Send K a Kiss and I'm very proud of her.

Wed May 10 17:07:09 MDT 2000
fuck off serbian killers

just read k's thoughts and she/he never mentiond that the serbians have killed thousands of civllians and the bodies are still being found today

Wed May 10 06:42:05 MDT 2000
Vadim (
Russia, Voronezh

Hi Katarina,

It's always nice to hear from you. Could you keep on writing - your personal account is really dear to me.

You know, I find what both our contries are now experiencing very similar. But Serbia is not that big as Russia and has no nuclear weapons. So, the difference is in the degree of suffering - our events are not that disastrous as yours. From 1991 we have been waiting for the light in the dark tunnel. The same street protests, military coups, war, etc. Now we hope that the new man will be the one we need. And I hope you will finally fight your way through and some new man - who will be the one - will come to power in Serbia. The following words relate to Russia but I think Serbia, being a sister of Russia, could have a similar destiny: "Your Motherland has suffered much but not all of the murderous deeds of the past have been expiated. And at the hour predestined the New Country will rise powerfully from the darkness of ignorance and ahead of all the peoples will go to the Bright Future."

People create their future in their dreams and thoughts, and I think you have bright ones.

Warm regards,

Tue Apr 4 15:31:57 MDT 2000
Lorne D. Gilsig (


You still have this site open, why don't you continue to write?

From the US it looks as if Serbia is collapsing in upon itself. You could be a window to the outside world into what is happening in Serbia these days...

Lorne D. Gilsig

Mon Mar 20 22:47:20 MST 2000
Rebekah (
Australia, Queensland, Toowoomba

I live in Australia and I am disgusted that nobody cares about the Serbian people. I have a friend who lives in Yugoslavia and I don't know if she's alive or dead, or sick or starving or seperated from her family or what and I may never know.I'd give anything to be able to find out. Last year thousands of Kosovo refugees were brought over here and I fail to understand why the same thing can not be done for the Yugoslavian people. They are suffering too and can not and should not be blamed for the actions of their president. GIVE THEM A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu Mar 16 20:00:47 MST 2000
Tony (



Sun Feb 27 23:45:11 MST 2000
Jay (Young)
United States

This is one of the best websites that provides a Serbian perspective on the NATO bombing. I read stuff that wasn't featured in the mainstream press. I swear, the press in the U.S. uncritically accepted NATO's version of the story and acted like cheerleaders rather than reporters. I admit that I myself largely accepted the story, until I dug a little deeper. I began to read Justin Raimondo's column on, and I began to change my mind. I also read an essay on

Well, lots of luck. K, I hope everything is going well in Belgrade.

Jay Young

Mon Feb 21 13:39:28 MST 2000
Sean McWeeney (
U.K., Middlesex

I live in England and I'm 12.
I think that why should normal people suffer for the actions of their leaders. It's as if their are no good leaders and that they just care about power and money. But I also beleive that the world is so far appart and that they'll never be peace in the world as major powers like Russia will almost pick on little countries like Checnya. But I do feel sorry for K. and I feel bad and ashamed at the actions of NATO.

Sun Feb 20 21:42:32 MST 2000
Rebekah (
Australia, Queensland.

I am searching for someone. She lives in Pancevo and her name is Ivana Matovic. I miss her terribly and I am desperate to know what has happened to her. Please, if you can help me, please email me:
I would be very grateful.

Fri Jan 28 23:57:49 MST 2000
Margaret Paslousky (

I too was approache via email by somoene from this board stating that this board is a propaganda machine for the Serbs and set up by them. Well, so be it. I do know for one thing propaganda is being perpetrated by all govts. so what else is new. I can tell from your writing that this you are sincere and I do resent people going out of their way to try to convince me of "thier propaganda.
Just take a few issues here in the US regarding Clinton and you'll get a good idea what propaganda really is, most of us here can read in between the lines and from experience here, we can recognize propaganda. We've had quite a bit of experiene with it here.
So please keep us informed on how you are doing and how the conditions are there.

Thank You and God Bless

Wed Jan 26 22:17:14 MST 2000
Michael Morrison (
United States of America, Georgia

After my last e-mail, I received a message from someone who claimed to have discovered that Katarina is really just an agency of the Serb government.
I don't know the truth of this matter, but I'm not sure it matters.
The U.S. government and its allied "news" media tried to tell us that the Serb government is filled with fascists and murderers.
That is probably true, since most of the world's governments are so filled.
Look at, for instance, the Bill Clinton administration here.
Practically its first act of office was murdering 80 plus women and children in their church in Waco, Texas.
If the Serbs really did kill thousands of Kosovars, then the only difference is one of degree.
Murderers and fascists are equally evil, whether Serbian or American.
All individual people need to protest and oppose tyrants.

Wed Jan 26 18:01:57 MST 2000
Quiet Storm (
United States

Wow. I thought they got you, too. I'm glad that you're still alive. Sorry for all the problems Clinton made for you.

My friends and I have decided to move out of the US and into a less hostile country. We realized that we don't want the blood of others on our hands. Enough is enough! We're outta here!

Maybe someday we'll get to visit you as friends, not as Americans...

Wed Jan 26 15:23:36 MST 2000
Ash Friederich (Irishprid3@AOL.COM)
USA, Arizona


My name is Ash Friederich and I live in the United States in Arizona. I was an intern at Radio For Peace Intewrnational in Costa Rica. During that time, I created a program called Freedom of Speech: A Kosovo Report. The program was to take e-mails off of internet sites and give a voice to the voiceless-the citzens. Our papers here in the U.S. only give a political view of what happened, so I created this program because it is important all sides are heard. Let me know what you think and I thank you for creating this site. Thanks again.


Mon Jan 24 10:17:26 MST 2000
Margaret Wyles (
United States, California

If it is of any comfort to you, the attack on Yugoslavia headed by my country has completely changed me. Everything we were told about it in this country was a lie, and you were simply too small and too stubborn a country to withstand our power.

My father's family is from Serbia and apparently his relatives fled from the Krajina and disappeared somewhere in Belgrade, so this whole matter was more personal to me than to most Americans.

There are still some of us who haven't forgotten. Just wanted you to know that.


Sun Jan 23 18:51:19 MST 2000
Michael Morrison (
United States of America, Georgia

Dear Katarina,
You write so touchingly, so poignantly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
But let me, please, correct one thing: Your country and my country are *not* in conflict.
Perhaps the slimy politicians who try to run the two countries are, and certainly they are forcing the taxpayers and citizens of my country to support financially the terrorist attacks on the citizens of your country.
But the *people* of the United States do *not* have any conflict with you and the other people of Serbia.
Governments of every country in the world are the true enemies of all the people in the world.
Thank you, Katarina, for writing and telling the world what you have been through.
Please know that millions of my fellow Americans care about you.
Michael Morrison

Sun Jan 23 18:16:32 MST 2000
gabriel (
cyprus, nicosia


Your letter has awakened some really sad memories regarding
what you have all suffered in 1999.

May god be with you. With us all, Orthodox people.



Sun Jan 23 11:24:55 MST 2000
Rob (

Katarina-Sorry to hear that things are still so bad there. What has happened in the last six months? Do you hava a family? Did they survive the bombings? Would you like to know anything about the attitudes in my country towards the events in your country? If so, write back-I also started a correspondence with a freind in Russia while my country was bombing yours. At any rate I wish you only the best and the courage to carry on. Bye-Rob

Sun Jan 23 07:13:51 MST 2000
Colleen (
Canada, Nova Scotia

I'm so glad to hear from katrina. I've checked the page so many times in the last 6 mo nths hoping there would be correspondance but there never was. I hate that when Americans stop dropping bombs we don't hear about that part of the world anymore. We only hear about how hard it is for the troops of KFOR. No longer do we hear about the civilians. So thank-up for writing again. Your pain and honesty are refreshing only because when you write I believe you when the news comes on i know most of it is fabricated by the government. Thanks again, keep writing...please.

Sun Jan 23 06:35:18 MST 2000
Michael Hipple (
US, Oklahoma

Thank you so much for writing again! I too had the flu virus, I guess it is all over the world. Please know that I also feel anguish over what our leaders are doing. My consolation is that I know that God serves His own purposes and that it is my limited understanding which prevents me from seeing what those purposes are. Sometimes all life seems cruel, but please have faith with me that all things are balanced in the end. Life is short, perhaps the rewards and punishments for what we do with it are longer. I find solace in knowing that the ones who perpetuate war will one day have to face God.
Take care. With my love, Michael

Sat Jan 22 21:02:59 MST 2000
Robin R (

G-d bless you Katarina and your countrymen. I am so sorry that my beloved country took any part in this awful mess. clintoon is an evil man. Please don't think that most Americans wanted to see this happen. Those of us that know the truth and refused to listen to the propaganda and spin coming out of the White House, and NATO, know that this was an evil, cruel war NATO and the US had no right to interfer in your internal affairs. We that know the truth, know that NATO was lying to us about most everything. I'll keep you in my prayers tonight. This was a war that should have never happened. I don't know if you have ever heard of
If not, come and have a look, this is where I get my truth, news and have learned just how very corrupt my government has become.

Sat Jan 22 20:47:12 MST 2000

Hope katerina and all her sad country mates have enjoyed their christmas. The Albainians will have enjoyed the FREE CHRISTMAS they had even tho it was so hard for them with no normal signs of living YET- but we live in hope that the Albainians will get a normal life soon and can build up the army they need to to stop the Murderous Serbis


Fri Jan 7 18:01:18 MST 2000
MagdaUSa, Maine

My name's Magda.I live in Maine in the little town of Tinker's Cove.The A is not captillized in USa is because us Americans hurt you.Well we don't hurt you but terroize you.I am really polish but my friends and familly say I'm an Amrican.Well I don't enjoy being on.That's why I call myself Polish.But not American.Everyone around the world knows us but I don't want to be known for killing and ruining people lives.I hope I said this as well as I could because I want people to think the same.We should be better than this!!!