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Sun May 30 08:58:25 MDT 1999
Dr. NIchols (

Please iclude the in your list of links.

Greekforum is perhaps the most active forum on Yugoslavia.

Please tell your visitors about us. Thanks.

Sun May 30 03:14:56 MDT 1999
mike (

We (the US and England) are sowing the seeds of hatred and fear by escalating a regional civil war into a potentially world wide conflict. The world is watching, and arming itself. How long can Americans and other westerners feel comfortably numb and immune from our government's misguided foreign policy in your poor country?

War, whether it is under the guise of "ethnic cleansing" or "progressive" ideals (I actually heard Tony Blair call NATO's bombing of your country the "first progressive war in history" God help us!) is wrong, especially when it is people like you and me who suffer for our leader's painful mistakes. You, because you will be burying your dead and rebuilding your country for the next twenty or thirty years. Me, because I will watch my country go bankrupt (morally as well as financially) over a foreign policy heading towards overt and subtle, militaristic expansionism, which it can't afford. (Those of you not in the U.S. might be shocked to know that our federal government allocates only $3 billion a year towards education, much of the rest being picked up by the states, but our Congress has managed to find $15 billion to fund this illegal war they have not approved. Our constitution requires Congressional approval for declarations of war)

K, I hope you continue to write your online journal. My heart goes out to EVERYONE in your country, both Serb and Albanian, who are suffering over clashing views of history. What little I know of your history suggests to me that it's one of the most violent histories in the world. It's particularly obvious that our bombs will not stop a conflict that's been going on for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, our leaders don't seem to understand this.

NATO's policy is untenable, not only because the only end-game is to station 50,000 troops in your country for the next fifty years, but also because it doesn't address the fundamental problems in your country. The seeds will be sown for future conflict between NATO and the KLA when we are obliged to disarm them, and with the Serbs, because we are basically occupying your country (THAT'S what Rambouillet was really about. read the fine print)

(By the way, it's not nineteen countries against one. It's actually two (America and Britain) against yours. Everyone else is just towing the line, hoping their coalitions don't fall apart before this is all over. For reference, read what the Italians, Greeks, Hungarians, and many Germans actually think about Mr. Clinton and Blair's war.)

Good luck,

Sat May 29 18:29:09 MDT 1999
Douglas Hill (

It's amazing how many of the war fevered are British with a few glorious exceptions. The British, who have raped, killed and pillaged places from Ireland to India seem to have their blood lust up. Led by their putrid Prime Minister and his Cabinet made up mostly of homosexuals their bloodlust is insatiable. Which presents a solution. Let them send in their Eton and Cambridge bred finest to do their dirty work. Of course it won't happen. As in both World Wars they will seek to drag my country in to save their pathetic skins. And in the War Criminal/Rapist Bill Clinton, they have the perfect stooge.

Sat May 29 16:20:56 MDT 1999
Bob Parkin (
England, North Devon

Hello Katarina,
I have read your reports from the outset...I see that you have changed your "overview" of the current situation from believing all you see and hear on Yugoslavian TV and Radio and are now believing that someting awful is happening in a part of your country. The power of the media, as you well know is immense. I can understand that you and many others are prevented from hearing the truth of what's been happening in Kosovo...we have approx 20,000 plus here in the UK....they have been coming here for the past two years! People just don't leave their homeland for no reason eh!
I really feel for you and the people of Yugoslavia, but you have to see that this action is being taken by 19 countries. Can all be wrong? Don't think so!
Your government has made a mockery of the UN and Russia time and time again..and it seems yet again (29/5/99)
I have read some dreadful letters on this site...don't take them to heart! there are many people who have more than one brain cell out here!
I for one feel for your country and your inability to do anything about it. The Air strikes should be forceably directed at the forces in Kosovo and not at Belgrade and other towns.
As a matter of complete banality...this evening the Eurovision Song Contest ended with a verse for the sad!
Keep your chin up Katarina...regards,

Fri May 28 08:31:40 MDT 1999
ed (

You state :"They find an excuse not seeing our 10year fights against the KLA organization, and now they attack."

That's another rather astounding statement, since the KLA hasn't even been in existence that long. Are you lying to us???? You really don't have much credibility when it comes to the entire history of this conflict. The first so-called KLA terrorist action occured on April 22, 1996, well after your country had begun its genocidal actions within the region (this info is available at you should start reading) Its existence is a DIRECT result of your government's policies toward ethnic minorities. Please don't use them as an excuse for this war, as we all know that such reasoning is nothing but contrived state propaganda.

Fri May 28 06:33:29 MDT 1999
Andrew (
South Africa, Johannesburg

God bless you all and keep you safe.

Fri May 28 06:14:11 MDT 1999
Mark Nigh (
USA, West Virginia

Katarina,Your bravery is wonderful! Our country is not as evil as our leaders. I know you say the same thing. Don't stop your messages. I look forward to your words each day to know the truth. Our press is totally controled. Keep the faith!!

Fri May 28 05:14:31 MDT 1999
Florian Schaefer (
Germany, Berlin

Dear Katarina,

first of all thanks for your "front-news" all the time. It's good and interesting to see things from a different angle.
I know it must be hard for you to keep objective, I don't know about my feelings if my home would be attacked for months by missiles. I can imagine that in this situation sometimes i would lose my sense of seeing the things right.
I think thats what happens in Serbia.Hating the NATO (normal) = support Milosevic.
I admit that the way the NATO operates isn't the best one, but somehow it should be clear that there had something to happen, isn't it???
I don't know how you have been informed about the things going on in Kosovo before the NATO-strike. I believe very bad, otherwise i can't understand how you can be able to support this government under Milosevic any longer after seen the pictures of burning houses and endless trecks of people fleeing of the serbian barbars.
Just imagine somebody would come into your house, shoot your father, rape your mother, giving you ten minutes to get your stuff together and force you to leave your home. And when you are escaping, turning your head, looking to your burning house ...
Don't you think somebody was forced to help this people???
Yesterday you gave a comparation according to Quebec. Don't you know that Quebec is going to fight for their independence? Have you seen any Canadian soldier raping a woman from Quebec?
Bad compare. There has never been such a extrem situation after a part of state is going to declare its independence.
I wonder about your reaction if somebody would have involved in Serbian things in 96/97.
We have the same way of thinking about how the war is going on, and it is my greatest wish that the cruel time is over soon for the people in Kosovo and for you,
but please tell me what would have happened if nobody would have cared about the problem.


Fri May 28 03:57:00 MDT 1999
Liana (

Yes, we all listen to you, and we feel your pain........we too feel powerless to change what is happening, ours too is a small voice, against a powerful govt. I hope that the tide of opinion can alter the track now.....
My heart bleeds for you and all the kids in this evil the end of the 20th century, l cannot believe that people still act this way, with no words, just evil evil actions.
I wish l could help more, know that l think of you....

Fri May 28 02:17:20 MDT 1999
VadimRussia, Voronezh

To those, mentioning the War Crimes Tribunal indictment of the Yugoslav President as evidence that NATO is white and Serbs are black. This Tribunal is a show made for such people like you. Why did not it indict those Americans who were responsible for millions of massacred Vietnamese? The institution of the War Crimes Tribunal serves the interests of international groups of interests (from the USA and other countries). The fact is that the total majority of the wold population is opposed to NATO action. But several technologically advanced nations (about 15% of the world total population) seems to be wishing to become a world government without consent of the world itself (what is it called in your democratic political science, if you heard a word of it?). I am glad that there are human beings in those techno superior countries who did not loose the good in themselves. And as for the rest, how Nazi Tony writing "I FOR ONE WILL KILL ANY SERBIAN I SEE (i am not a violent person ! but am livid with this arsehole nation)" can accuse anybody of genocide? From my own experience (I saw many of them) I can say that they ARE THE FIRST SIGN OF THE NATION DEGENERATION. IN TIME THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE SHOOTING AT SCHOOLS. Read books, Tony, – maybe you still have a chance.

Fri May 28 02:13:22 MDT 1999
michael (

Its vaguely amusing to read
all the bleeding American souls who are "praying" for peace. I'm sure you also prayed alot against Pol Pot, and you probably accomplished just as much. And I'm sure negotations with Hitler would have worked out equally as well.

All such fools are nothing but apologists for genocide. It is EXACTLY your type that sat by and let the same things happen in Germany, Cambodia, Rwanda, Guatamela, Chile, Chechnya, Sierra Leone, and so on. Even if a few hundred innocent Serbian civilians die, that still won't even be an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE close to the amound of innocent Bosnians, Croats, & Kosovars that have been executed during the last seven years.

Fri May 28 00:56:25 MDT 1999
Harrison (
U.S.A., California

You write that "They (NATO) want our land" as the reason for NATO's interest in Kosovo (5/27).

Historical precedence is not on your side. Did the U.S. take Germany or Japan in World War II? Iraq or Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War? No, but we could have.

Instead, as with Japan and Germany, we rebuilt them and instilled democratic values. Today they are peaceful, vibrant nations whose economies are among the world's strongest.

The U.S. and its allies are not interested in acquiring land, far from it. This is so antithetical to the values of democracies that the mere suggestion of it, as you have, denotes either a complete misunderstanding of these values or an equally complete brainwashing by your government's propoganda.

If there is one overriding goal for NATO in this conflict it is to ultimately bring Yugoslavia into Europe. By that, I mean as a peaceful, democratic country that respects the rights of all its citizens and neigbors.

Unfortunately, I suspect that as long as your president remains in power, this won't be the case. There will be no Balkan Marshall plan while he's still there. Instead, Yugoslavia will remain a pariah, an "Iraq of Europe", even more isolated socially and economically than now.

It's up to people like you to change the situation. However, in order for that to happen, the violent nationalism that has come to characterize Serbs under Milosevic's rule has to be abated.

I understand that the situations in Bosnia and Kosovo are "complicated," but the use of a nation's police and army to rape, murder, dehumanize and systematically remove from their homes its own citizens of another ethnic group is simple--it's by far the worst act of ethnic violence in Europe since the Holocaust.

In order for Yugoslavia to change, you must change. You must be ashamed for what your people have done. Instead of denying it or making excuses for it, you should demand those involved be brought to justice. Instead of thinking yourself the victim of some worldwide conspiracy against Serbs, you have to make peace with the victims of your own aggressions.

There's a former Yugoslavian Prime Minister named Milan Panic who often appears on American News. He understands the evils of the Milosevic regime and the ugly nationalism it has engendered. He loves his country and his people, he loves Serbia, but he seems very much more at peace with himself than most other Serbs I've seen.

This is not a man who lives in denial, who sees his whole self-worth wrapped up in some sense of common victimization.

It's a man who realizes that his people have been capable of some very terrible things, and he accepts that, because he knows deep down that's not what they're really about.

He also understands NATO's objectives aren't terriorial or imperial, but moral and humanitarian, and that this whole conflict comes down to one ego-driven man and his selfish desire for power.

I'm positive other Serbs will feel the same way once they have the courage.

Thu May 27 21:42:00 MDT 1999
USA, Connecticut

It really is embarrassing to read some people's thoughts here that are citisizing you for mentioning you have no water or power. These same people here in the USA nearly have strokes when a windstorm hit their little part of their town and they have no electricity to be able to blow dry their hair, no water to be able to take their daily shower. And mind you this is just power cut off for 2 days. Beleive me I am not exagerating, Americans are spoiled and have no idea what it is to really be without. So you people get off your a#@ and pull youself away from your comfortable chair watching the TV and Thank God your not sufferring as these people in Yugoslavia are. I don't think you could handle it. Katarina thanks for your writings and if you care to (whine) go right ahead. There are many of us that care and are praying for you and your people.

Thu May 27 19:41:11 MDT 1999
Roy Dale (
New Zealand, Wellington

Your message from Belgrade today was very moving and is totally in sympathy with my knowledge gained from visits to Yugoslavia (1997 and 1998),my intermittent contacts with my friends there since bombing began and information from my Yugoslavian friends here in Wellington, New Zealand. Every day many media sources bombard us mostly with the images of Albanian refugees driven from their homes (to Albania, FYR Macedonia and yes..Montenegro) in the most appalling circumstances (although the reasons for the exodus appear to be a mixture of expulsion and an escape from a civil war compounded by NATO bombing). It is however simply barbarous to punish all Yugoslavians (by reducing a country to rubble and slaying and maiming innocents)for the crimes of some their leaders and some elements of the security forces.

From first hand knowledge I know that, for my friends in Belgrade and Pancevo in particular, life since the bombing began has been more than "just power and water shortages" and food rationing. It has been sheer terror as a cruise missile slammed into the heating plant in Novi Beograd just 500 metres from the apartment block; it has been the 24 hour shifts attending to the wounded in Pancevo hospital; it has been the daily anguish as parents are separated from their little children, sent uncomprehendingly to the relative safety of Niksic in Montenegro. Even in Kac, a little village I went to last September, near Novi Sad, there are not insignificant problems from the "black rain", the vile greasy fallout from the continuing pounding of the Novi Sad oil refineries. Everyone is affected, yet no one can change anything. Few if any of my friends ever voted for Milosevic, in fact many braved the police and marched against the government during the 88 days of rebellion a few years ago.

Thu May 27 14:09:45 MDT 1999
a (
mars, oblivion

i think that i don´t.
i think no one else does either.
i know i hate to watch the news.
i think informations are hard to come by.
i think i would like to come to belgrad.
i know nobody wants me there.
i think i am a photographer.
i know i don´t believe none of it.
i do not know how to change this situation.
i am stuck.
too bad:-(:-(

Thu May 27 14:08:11 MDT 1999
John Meadows (
United States, Illinois

I am writing in response to all of you idiotic people (especially you ignorant, stupid people in the UK) who are criticizing K for writing her thoughts and telling her that she has no feelings for the Kosovo refugees. She has said it time and time again that feels sorry for the refugees and then criticize her for complaining about her electricity being cut out and not having water...

WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT BEING A REFUGEE MUCH LESS BEING IN A COUNTRY THAT HAVE THOUSANDS OF SORTIES FLOWN OVER THEM ON A DAILY BASIS DROPPING BOMBS ON THEM??? Not a goddamn thing!! You don't have breath polluted air from Uranium depleted bombs. You don't have to worry about a fucking cluster bomb being misfired and landing in your goddamned back yard. In fact, you don't have to worry about a goddamned fucking thing!! So just sit there and believe everything that NATO tells you and live happily ignorant and lied to, because in the big scheme of things, who cares right? It's happening FAR away from you.

And as far as the refugees go, there wouldn't so goddamn many of them if NATO wasn't dropping bombs on them in the first place (or thing whole thing wouldn't have started if the ethnic Albanians weren't driving Serbian out of the province in the first place, oh, you didn't know that they started this whole thing and not the Serbs? Man, you people are fucking idiots...).

But who cares right? as long as you do not have to live in a destroyed country and you can just go back to sitting on your ass and watching the tele....

you people make me sick...

Thu May 27 12:54:32 MDT 1999
ed (

You state:
"I just can't believe that they made this war just to get him and accuse him on something"

Well that something happens to be "genocide" and it is YOUR PEOPLE who accomplished it without anyone else's help!

Yes, all of us with negative comments do read every word you say. Do you really expect to be taken seriously when all you do is complain about your water and power, and then continue to insinuate that this whole thing is somehow SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT?

Thu May 27 07:24:33 MDT 1999
Michael Hipple (
USA, Oklahoma

I know it isn't much, but i want to express by deep feelings of sorrow for what my government is doing. I am trying to stop them, but like everyone else I am almost powerless in the face of them.
I am against aggression from anyone.

Thu May 27 02:19:22 MDT 1999
VadimRussia, Voronezh region

The idea of resorting to any possible means to attain a high objective was characteristically implemented by Lenin and Stalin first half of the century in Russia. Now we are experiencing the results of it and I believe this will last for quite a long time. But in their case there was a really high objective. As for Mr. Clinton, I am confident that he last had high objectives when he was a student and protested against the war in Vietnam. He changed, he betrayed the good. And as Serbs are now paying for Tito and the like, the USA will have to do it in future. I wish I had never been in Mr. Clinton's and his cronies' shoes. I'd rather suffer the way the Serbs and Albanians do than become an initiator of suffering of others for the sake of my personal illusive goals. Try to be wise, Mr. Clinton and the like!

Wed May 26 21:22:25 MDT 1999
Eric Wallach (
America, New York

Where are you K.?
It has been days now and I'm worried and scared I was in Belgrade for BITEF a couple of years ago and I fell in love with the city and especially the people not to mention the music in the streets

I feel sick waking up an American everyday we continue to bomb

my thoughts and wishes are with you
we're all powerless in the face of great stupidity

I hope you are all right,

Wed May 26 20:36:00 MDT 1999
Jim McDonald (jimmymac@dock,net)
USA, California

I wore the uniform of my country for 23 years and I am ashamed of the United States. The "campaign" to end the crisis in Kosovo will be recorded as one of history's infamous events. The bombing of Yugoslavia is a badge that will borne with shame by all who participated.

Wed May 26 18:06:00 MDT 1999
P F J (member) (
UK, Somerset


I've read your war diary. I've read some of others thoughts, but not all. And I am left very thoughtful after doing this.

You say that you laugh at the western peoples opinion of the war, that you are best placed to know what is going on, and you imply that it is wrong for a war waged against the country in which you live to cause you suffering. You also say that your fellow countrymen condemn you for writing this war diary.

You need to wake up and realise that your country is at war. What I, or anybody else thinks about this war is irrelevant. Your county IS at war with SEVENTEEN other countrys, and now the UN has declared that your President is wanted for war crimes.

I am glad you are writing a war diary, and that I, and others can read it. But it's a pity that you are not doing something constructive to help your country fight its war, if you believe in all your county has done up to now.

It seems to me that it is you that are blissfully unaware of why this war started. And now it is likely that this war will go on and on. What you should be sure of is that your country WILL lose. No country can stand up to seventeen other countrys. As a budding editor what are you going to do about this?

Well what you have done so far, is close your eyes and bury your head in the sand, and tell the rest of the world that you only care about your electricity and your water and your Sky Tv going blank.

When the seventeen countrys dropped a few bombs on your millitrys airfield runways and ground to air missile bases, your country was supposed to give in. Did they? No. What did they do? They killed hundreds of people, and drove hundreds of thousands of people out of their country, who are now living in tents, without any electricity or water or Sky TV. These tents are in your neighbouring countrys, causing them many problems. Compared to them, you don't have problems.

The people that sympathise with you probably do not know the history of your country. They just see a war, and are the type of people who do not believe in wars. You yourself, as a budding editor, should make some reference to your thoughts on the refugees. I am left wondering why you do not.

I hope you survive your war, and I also hope that you can find a way to get yourself better informed so that you can understand that when seventeen countrys make war against one single country, the seventeen countrys are usually right.

Wed May 26 16:12:59 MDT 1999
Tony (
Soctland, UK

Hi katarina,
Yes things may be tough but U can still e-mail and produce a web-page.


Wed May 26 15:30:31 MDT 1999
US, Colo

I would just like to say that I have been reading some of the entries in the dairy and I feel that a lot of people think the US citizens are oblivious to what is going on. Let me tell you that we are not! We do not like violence, killing or rape. We are not having street parties or anything like that. The reality is we can't do a thing to stop what is going on. We are just like everyone else in the world. I know America is suppose to be this Free country and yes to a certain degree we are. But when it comes to goverment we are not. They try to make us think we are but we're not. Please don't get me wrong other countries have it way worse than we do by far. But we are not heartless animals. I am very sorry about the goings on in Kosovo, and I pray for the people every night and day.

Wed May 26 13:17:52 MDT 1999
ed (

Do you know that you leader will soon be indicted by the War Crimes Tribunal? Is that enough evidence to convince you of what is really happening, or will once again turn a blind eye to the truth?

Ignorance does not earn our sympathy. It only suggests that you are complicit in your country's actions.

Wed May 26 09:22:30 MDT 1999
andrew schneider (

We are planning a peaceful anti bombing protest on June 5 at noon in Washington DC. Please spread the word. If you want more info, please e-mail me back.


PS. Not all Americans believe in our Governments ability to make "correct" decisions. This is not the way to bring peace to the world.

Wed May 26 09:01:13 MDT 1999
Tara Mcweeney (
England, London

I think that you have been through a lot of hardship and I can not even comprehend what it is like to live in a war zone, none of us can.
We all think of where we are going to go at the weekend or on holiday. Although we do think about the war and it makes us stop taking each other and peace for granted.
I understand that you blame lots on US and UK but I am not sure this is entirely fair. There are trying to help the refugees who have fled Yugoslavia, perhaps bombing is not the best way but then how else do you get through to a prime minister like yours. However I also agree that the civilians are the only one being harmed and that you did not chose your president or essentially agree with his ways.
War is often not a soloution as has been shown many times, Northern Ireland for an example but occasionally it can help some things get done, hitler.
However I do hope that NATO withdraw their bombing mission and do not ;ead in the ground troops as that is truely asking for trouble, as a war in Yugoslavia does not seem the appropriate action.
Again I think you are very brave and please keep on writing as it will help us westerners to understand just a little bit of what the peolpe are going through.
Tara McWeeney

Wed May 26 03:36:04 MDT 1999
Justin Volpe (

Sorry, but I have no sympathy for you or your country. Sure, you might have no electricity, no tv, and may have to do without running water for a while...but do you really think that ANY level-headed person is going to think that this compares IN ANY WAY to the disaster your country has created during the last 10 years ?!! Please. Spare us the bullshit.

If you don't want to be a part of the solution, than please sacrifice yourself to the cause, and DIE for your futile war. Your type will only continue the tradition of Serbian barbarism under the guise of false victimhood.

Wed May 26 03:32:45 MDT 1999
Anna Kwiatkowska (

Dear Katarina,
You mustn't stop to write your WARdiary.We have enough information about Albanians on our TV, but nothing - about Serbs! We need you, Katarina! You mustn't think that all people are blind and deaf and do not have imagination to get know how awful this war is for you and your people. Katarina, I am with you, my family, my friends, and thousands others. Angry and sad, but hoping that it'll be over soon. Do write every time you can.
Love, Anna

Wed May 26 01:50:31 MDT 1999
Otto (

Your blind faith to disaster
is astounding.

Maybe you might be able to approach the truth if YOU were forced onto your floor at gunpoint, raped by your Slavic "BROTHERS" multiple times while your mother watched, taken outside to see your brother's and father's brains splattered upon the ground, and then forced to march away while your home burned.

May you live to experience the suffering which you deny exists...your kind shall earn no sympathy!

Voice from China

It seems that you are Americans. It's really rare that an American would condemn war and object the war his country is participating. I went to a chat room on May 9, the next day China's embassy in Yugoslavia was bombed, to chat with Americans. I knew what Americans think about the war and the bombing event. I was deeply hurt by their words. It was a nightmare for a Chinese. Are you really American? Who are you? You are not K., are you? I feel sad ever since the war began.

The following poem is written by someone no one knows. Maybe you are able to let more people read it.

Dirty Wars
Look at your young man fighting
Look at their women crying
Look at their children dying
The way you've always done before

Look at the hate you're breeding
Look at the tears they're falling
Look at the lives you're leading
The way you've always done before

Tears filled in my eyes
For all I've seen has changed my mind
Still your wars go on as the years go by
With no love of Gods or human rights

'Cause all these dreams're swept aside
By bloody hands of hypnotized
Who carry the cross of homicide
Your bombs betray your lies of
Human Rights

We don't need your dirty war
It feeds the rich
While it buries the poor

Yes, I am an American, and I am deeply saddened by this war. My husband, and I are working hard to spread K.'s words as far and wide as we can. We live in Colorado and have been corresponding with K. for about a month now.
- WarDiary.ORG
Tue May 25 16:46:09 MDT 1999
Andrew (
England, london

It is a real shame that innocence people are caught up in this war. We sit at home and are dumbfounded by the television pictures of the pain and suffering of the Kosovo people. How professional is an army that gang rapes the women, kill the young children and beat the old. Use people as human shields. Set fire to their homes.

Then we hear of the pain and suffering of the people in the rest of Yugoslavia the hardship of not having any TV to watch, or any electricity to lighten a room, yes you have it tough too.

When this is all finally over do you think that the Kosovo people will want to return to a country under the rule of YOUR government. They have already gone back on the Paris Agreement. Your Government has proved that it does not have the responsibility to run a country. So who else can do the job. Until Yugoslavia can produce such a responsible body NATO has no choice but to run Kosovo.

The rest of Europe can not believe that the people of Yugoslavia really knows what is going on. You can not have seen the television pictures that we have seen, otherwise you too would be fighting your government rather than having street parties

Tue May 25 16:32:26 MDT 1999
Stephen Geary (
England, Essex

I do not know the in's and out's of what is going on in Yugoslavia and I do not think that our goverment is telling us the whole story.
One thing that I do know is that our goverment should not be sending in the bombers.
The British goverment has for years been condemning the IRA in Ireland for bombing and not talking, but it finds sense in sending the strong arm tactic into Yugoslavia. This is not right. This is so hypocritcal.
I do not want anything to do with the British goverment and Nato.
There must be a better way to sort this out.

Stephen G Geary

Tue May 25 15:55:03 MDT 1999
Peter (

Hang in there!!
The newspapers report the slow but sure destruction of Melosevic's army. The Daily Telegraph reports one third of military equipment and half the ammunition destroyed. 5% of the military force being lost each week.
Reports from Montenegro in the Telegraph :-
2000 Montenegrins protesting against the 1000 Yugoslav soldiers stationed at Cetinje. Residents cover the Yugoslav flag on their car licesne plates with the Montenegrin eagle. Call up orders are being ignored. President Milo Djukenovic predicts the fall of Melosevic.
Nato are assembling 48,000 ground troops for entry into your country once the deal is struck. They are to help with peace keeping and the return of 1million exiles.
I hope that the "truth" that we in the West are told is correct.
I know a week must be an eternity and it may be many before the war is over, but it will happen soon. Nato will stop the murderers and war criminals. Yugoslavia have no chance against the might of the Weatern alliance. It is right that civilized countries of the world act to bring an end to terror and inhumanity. I hope that my faith in humanity is well founded.
Keep well. Survive. It will end soon

Tue May 25 10:59:34 MDT 1999
Gary Jones (British ) (

A good web page, that really helps to bring to the west the reality of modern day war-fare.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all, there are no winners in war.

The following comments should not be taken offensively, I mean no harm and want the war to end as much as you BUT..

However, Please try to keep the propaganda front down if you wish to be taken seriously.

I understand the Serbian position on the alledged ethnic cleansing, as it would be very hard for a civilian of any country to believe their leaders would order such a thing.

Yes! NATO is launching a cowardly and half-hearted attack on your homeland, (risking civilian lives through bombing, rather than their own through close counter fighting.

No! the Serbian Police ARE NOT innocent, I have some new found Kosavan friends who are recent refugees sent to my country and their photos do not lie.

Please help bring peace.
Overthrow your Government,
try to expose the truth.

NATO lies to us (about losses, civilian deaths) and uses an evil term "collataral damage"
(if you do not know this find out it is a sickening expression)

Your government also lies to you about the cleansing (another sick word) in Kosovo, Bosnia and some areas of Serbia.

Both countries are reserved with the truth, but which truth is worse NATO's (losses , bombing of the TV station surely a civilian target civilian cas.) or Milosevic's (Rape, Burning, Killing, Stabbing and terrorising of an ethnic race)?

I am your friend. I do not lie or fall for misleading propoganda, being a talented historian, I know the truth will take years, I also know that YOU must bring an end to Milosevic's reign.

Look at his history for your country, all he has done is lose land, capital and world respect.

19 COUNTRIES know the truth.

Make it 20 (Serbia) and lets get NATO and Milosevic OUT!

Whatever happens, my friend, I will pray for you all.

Tue May 25 08:49:45 MDT 1999
Colleen (
Canada, Nova Scotia

I know that I cannot understand what war is like--hopefully and prayerfully I never will. The pain the is plaugeing the people of Yugoslavia-Serbs, Kosovars, everyone-is something I cannot imagine. But I'm so thankful that K can write and share her experiences. Hearing it from a real person who is in the middle of the war helps make it seem real to me. War infuriates me-I can't seem to see the point to it. I hate that I can't believe anything I hear or read. I listen to the news that NATO puts out and hear them contradicting themselves then I read Serbian news and can't believe that any more than I can NATO's. Reading what K sees, hears, etc is what I believe and I'm so thankful that she can help see what is really happening. I hate that NATO says collateral damage-do they not think we know that means real people, who had real lives.

Thank-you that I can hear true experiences and believe what I read.

God Bless


Tue May 25 06:44:35 MDT 1999
Christine (
United States, Illinois

Not all of us here believe in what is going on there either. I don't believe that we should be there and I think it is shameful what you are forced to go through. I can only hope that we do not send in ground troops and that we stop this bombing. It seems that support for the bombing and possible ground troops is subsiding. Perhaps peaceful negotiations will finally come about and you will once again have hot water, electricity, and silent sleep. My thoughts are with you.

Tue May 25 06:19:51 MDT 1999
Joe (
England, Hampshire

I am disgusted at the virtually indiscriminate bombings carried out by NATO on civilians in Serbia and elsewhere.
I am a student living on the south coast of England, and I am trying to research media coverage of the conflict on both sides, comparing propaganda techniques and use of the media and journalists.

If there is anyone I can talk to who could help me or give me more information, please e-mail me.

My sincerest apologies for the actions of my government, and I hope that there is a peaceful resolution to this appalling conflict soon.


Tue May 25 04:59:36 MDT 1999
susan (
Ireland, dublin

hi from Dit in Dublin

Mon May 24 23:56:17 MDT 1999
dave boren (

Its really amusing to read this website. Poor poor Serbians! Big old bad NATO is picking on your poor defenseless country! Sorry, but there are no more "civilian" targets. You are ALL guilty by association. Serbians sure do cry a lot when it's THEM on the other side of the barrel! It truly warms my dear old heart to watch the Serbians squirm.

I pray that you endure worse suffering than the people of Sarajevo...or the Bosnians you starved to death in a concentration camp....or the Muslim men that were rounded up, shot, and buried in a Bosnian ditch.....or the Kosovar women that were raped while their family watched, and then forced to walk for days with nothing else but their clothes on their back.

Maybe then you might understand. But you will probably not, and choose to remain ignorant and blind.
And therefore, in the end, the suffering you are enduring is NOTHING to what you truly deserve.

I think I'm going to crack open another beer and watch the bombing on CNN.

Good riddance, you genocidal slavic freaks!

Mon May 24 23:11:10 MDT 1999
john yonkman (
usa, oregon

I would like to send Katarina a message. I can't imagine, the situation there, despite the descriptions. You seem to be despairing - hold on! I was surprised to find the site open after newspaper reports that "NATO turns out the lights in Belgrade". It reads like a sports column. Please, inform as to K's address.

Many thanks

Mon May 24 17:40:30 MDT 1999
Judy Alicea (
USA, Ohio

I took Belgrade for granted. Yes, I did. When I met who I knew would be one of my best friends for life about 5 years ago, I didn't think that one day, he or his family could be hurt. Or scared. Or hungry. Or sick.

The last I spoke to him was on his birthday. What a birthday with air raid sirens going off. How unpleasant. My days are filled with fear that something will happen to my friends and I will never know. Who would contact me?

I know all the horrible things that are said about Serbians. All I know is that my friend is one of the smartest, friendliest,funniest,generous,and thoughtful people I know. He's never conveyed a scary nature to me.

Do you know what I heard on the Internet. A missile traveling and detonating. And I burst into tears. These are my friends and I can't help them.

As I had said, I took Belgrade for granted. I thought things would be fine, and I would tell my friend, "Sure, I'll visit. I want to see your city." Now who knows if I'll ever get to see it.

Mon May 24 14:52:17 MDT 1999
Mark Nigh (
USA, West Virginia

K: Your messages inspire all of us. I pray you will keep sending your reports. Sometimes I feel nearly as frustrated as you in trying to change things. I truly believe that your country's forces are strong enough to make these people understand that a negotiated settlement is the only way. They will never bomb your country into submission. I pray for you every night.

Mon May 24 14:28:53 MDT 1999
Dominic Simpson (
England, Oxford

Look into Amerika and what do you see
The kids are all killing each other at school and NOTHING being done
Why does stupidity reign so high???
Amerika has its cock in Britains throat and we cant move
Its time to BITE!!

My love and sympathy goes out to everybody who has ever suffered unjustly at the hands off the....

Mon May 24 14:03:02 MDT 1999
Theo Kapinga (

Dear Katarina,

alltough I am a Dutch citizen, and our countrys are in some sort of war (over here it isn't even called a war), my toughts are with you and all other Serbian people. I hope I do at least partly understand what's going on over there. I hope there will be found a way to stop this terrible bombing. I will pray for you.

Don't give up, everything will be all right !

Theo Kapinga

Mon May 24 13:29:42 MDT 1999
Bob Parkin (
England, North Devon

24th May 1999
Dear Katrina,
I have just seen the least our version...from Belgrade. It seems that NATO has bombed several power stations and have severly disrupted power supplies across your country. I can not agree with that policy...this is directly targetting civilians, women and children and the sick in hospitals.
No one can imagine the dread you all feel when the planes visit night after night. There is only one way out of this war... it has to be a political settlement but your self elected president is not listening. I know that there were several attempts to get rid of him...if they had succeeded I very much doubt if you would be in this position.
You have to remember that he was instrumental in the Bosnian conflict...he has taken your nation to the brink of NATO attacks on several occasions. Each time he agreed to back off and control his forces in Kosovo...each time he broke his word...not just to NATO but the UN as well. In Jan this year the UN monitors filmed the massacre of Albanians in Kosovo....this was in addition to the 42 men who were machine gunned in a many others??
Today on the news we see over 1000 men released from a serbian prison in Kosovo....many were battered and skeletal. There is an army here out of control as it was in Bosnia.
Have you seen the arial photos of the mass graves in Kosovo?, probably not...these will be found and I only hope that those responsible will brought to justice.
NATO and the UN stood by while thousands were slaughtered in Bosnia..can you really expect them to stand by and let it all happen again?
Your self elected President has the key to stopping the bombing, why does he stand by watching a nation being bombed backwards 30 years? You have a country rich in its people and history..why did it ever get to this?

Mon May 24 12:20:12 MDT 1999
james sanches (
united states, TX

I am really concern from what is happening in this small province in Serbia. I think that the U.S. support for Kosovars will help for finding a right decission for the conflict.
Iam against the war and think that very soon our government should find the way for a quick decision.

Mon May 24 11:29:42 MDT 1999
jacques Jedwab (
France, paca

I anm reading your diary for a couple of weeks now. I try to translate it in french for french people. I just lack more time to do it every day.
We are triying to help you. It is rather difficult because of the ever lasting propaganda. I hope we shall be more efficient and the minds will change. We all are seeking peace. Keep yourself save. jacques

Mon May 24 11:22:55 MDT 1999
David Gloster (

Dear K

I only heard about your web site last night on British TV. Anything interesting - and truthful - about Yugoslavia only goes out very late at night when the rest of the country is too tired or drunk to notice.

K - thanks for your beautifully written thoughts from Belgrade. My wife's twin sister is still there under the bombs along with all our very best friends in the world, people who are real people, people who never ever deserved this madness.

I first went to Yugoslavia in 1965, and fell in love with the whole thing - the people, the light, the sea, the food, the drink, every last wonderful thing about it.

This war will not destroy Yugoslavia but it will make the future a horrible puzzle. Yet how many Serbs I speak to in London say - 'we're going back, can't stand it here in the lying , state-controlled junta that England has become'. And they're right.

We're part of the 24 hour non stop demon-stration outside 10 Downing Street that began on 24 March. We've been there as long as the bombing. I know this is trivial compared to everything you're all going through but believe us when we say that our thoughts are with you and all your family, everyone in Belgrade, and all those suffering in Serbia.

There is a shocking stupidity in the west, but remember that every empire has a decadent stage and a useless war just before it falls.

Zivila Jugoslavija!!


David Gloster


Mon May 24 10:31:24 MDT 1999
would not like to be said (calv555555)
usa, new york

i want to kick NATO A**

Mon May 24 08:31:33 MDT 1999
DAvid Storey (
U.S.A. (SAD), Los Angeles, CA

Today is my birthday and I am sad. Sad that these insane actions seemingly go on forever and nobody notices. Has everyone lost their minds? Have they all gone blind? I thank yo for your courage and the courage of all the Yugoslavian people. My heart is with you all.

Mon May 24 06:40:44 MDT 1999
Dean Myrick (

Dear K,
You put a very real face on a very tragic situation. If more people in America could see your face and hear your words they meet not agree with the bombing so easily. I understand that many innocent people (100,000 or more) may have been killed by Serbian troops in Kosovo. Do you hear about this in Belgrade?
I visited Opatia, Yugoslavia about 15 years ago. I found the people to be very friendly and the countryside very beautiful.
I hear many people refer to our high-tech bombs as "smart bombs". After seeing them hit a few hospitals and embassies I think they are pretty stupid, don't you? I also don't like NATO's attitude of "whoops! sorry!" when it makes a mistake. It would brake my heart if you become "collateral damage", because one more beautiful voice will have been destroyed by violence. My best hopes and wishes for you, and all of the people of the Balkans. I hope peace comes for everyone there soon. Dean Myrick.

Mon May 24 06:09:27 MDT 1999
Javier Bernal (988005350@98.LINCOLN.AC.UK)
Spain or Uk, Seville or Lincolnshire

New discussion list

I have created a discussion list for you about the aggression on Yugoslavia in:

You can subscribe sending an email to

Then, you can send your messages to

Thank you (Please, if you want to post messages in a language different from English, send also a translation)

Mon May 24 03:05:16 MDT 1999
Miguel Torres Curado (
Portugal, Lisbon

Hi K. (any relation to the Kafka character?)

Just sending you a poem.
It's called "black spring"
Unfortunately I don't have a Serbian version.
There's a Portuguese version at

All the best to you.
The heart of every European worthy of that name is with each and every Serbian citizen.


black spring

Quietly April encounters us again.
Auckland has dreams of pink dolphins,
Petropavlosk starts to melt the winter,
Outside Lhasa the vultures are ritually fed,
Roman candles fill Rawalpindi’s firmament,
In Köningsberg another day is collapsing,
Reykjavik enjoys the tranquillity of a café,
Lisbon commemorates an old coup d’état.

Even so, a malicious tempest is brewing.
Puppets perform a sinister theatre of shadows.
Mad dogs are unleashed with a funfair.
The North Atlantic becomes a lake of darkness,
Blowing a black spring over Belgrade.

One nation battles on behalf of a continent.
A thousand aircraft pollute a sacred sky.
An old man brandishes his fist at the missiles.
Notes explode in a criminal rhapsody.
Broken bridges, memorials to global entertainment.
Oil and outrage flow with the Danube.
Columns of smoke are steel bars on the horizon.
Sirens are transformed in nightly lullabies.
Cherry flowers sweep the bomb craters.

Resisting with unbreakable tenacity,
Europe is being raped by the american ruffian.
Arrogance, violence, the nourishment of hooligans.
Civilisation survives in underground shelters,
The spirit of prince Lazar demands re-incarnation,
Barbarian invaders are ephemeral, Europe is eternal.

M. Daedalus

Mon May 24 02:34:00 MDT 1999
Barry (

Although I feel sorry for the ordinary day to day people of Belgrade I think it is important that the bombing continues. I am positive that the aim of NATO forces is to destroy the capability of Milosevic and his army to employ his evil regime of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. We will not allow another Hitler in the world and evil leaders will not be allowed to terrorise a weaker nation.
I am extremely dissapointed when I hear reports of mistakes made by soldiers, however these soldiers are not evil men and would not intentionally harm the innocent or defenseless. I suggest that if the people of Belgrade want an end to the bombing that you dispose of Milosevic and leave the people of Kosovo in peace.
The stories (Too many are the same for them all to be lying) which the people of Kosovo bring with them when they escape Kosovo is of rape, murder and destruction, there is no excuse for this and these are YOUR countrymen, YOUR soldiers and so it is on YOUR own heads.

I hope that all the innocent remain safe.