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Sun Jun 6 23:16:39 MDT 1999
VadimRussia, Voronezh

I am afraid you will more probably stop writing the diary for the reasons other than the end of bombing. NATO (read - the evil of the world) will never give up that easy! They will find their cunning ways to provoke WWIII. Yes, what they are doing is provoking WWIII. But there will not get it! Remember that God has its own none the less unpredictable miraculous ways!

Hold on K, better be prepared for anything.


Sun Jun 6 15:45:45 MDT 1999
Bob Parkin (
UK, North Devon

Hello Katarina,
I am afraid that it seems as if your self elected leader has or is trying to do it again...accept one thing with a view for another..namely clinging on to power. Yet again he is making a monkey out of the Russian's on the world much longer will they accept this?
Your forces in Kosovo do not have the authority to we are with stalling army personel. Who is running your country?
It, sadly, seems that you and your nation will now have to put up with more bombardment and a probable land force invasion in Kosovo.
I find it almost impossible to believe that one of the sticking points is the refusal of the Serb forces to remove the Landmines that they laid...(against the Geneva Convention).
When you say will the KLA be in charge...the awnser must be no...they have to be disarmed...most of them are as extreme as your far right nationalists in your own country. There has to be a balance between the hatred of hundreds of years of conflict, complicated by the Nazis...(see Northern Ireland for futility!)and a peaceful co-existance which brings prosperity etc.
You have a dead duck leader..indicted for war crimes...he is going nowhere...he cannot leave your country now...surley there must be a altertantive??
This has to be people power to resolve the situation. How does he maintain the control in your government?
Has his wife been seen lately? She seems to be the power behind the throne!
I do hope that this situation can be resolved soon. The mental anguish of being bombed night after night must be hell,
Keep your chin up K
and keep writing as well...

Sun Jun 6 07:09:57 MDT 1999
Emyr Butler (
Wales, United Kingdom

I am ashamed to have been part of a country whose military forces have carried out an unprovoked attack on a civilian population. Many do not agree with the war but these dissenting voices have not been reported. With people I talk to the overwhelming feeling is that Clinton hasd used the bombing to distract from the Monica Lewinsky affair and Blair is simply on a power trip.

Blair has said that the buildings he targeted belonged to the cronies of Milosovic. Sadly what many people do not realise is that an aggressor state could draw up a similar list for the cronies of our government.

I am supposed to live in a democracy yet the viwes of those against the war have not been heard and the BBC has been almost sychophantic in its support for the government actions.

The only thing Blair and Clinton have succeded in doing is destabilising the Balkan region for years to come. That is helpful to absolutely no one.

I cannot even begin to imagine the privations that have been unjustly heaped upon the innocent civilian population of Serbia by the fascist action of my governemnt but I can at least tell you that I and many others have not supported it.

Sun Jun 6 06:50:44 MDT 1999
Nick Dearden (
UK, London

Thank you for some alternative coverage amidst the BBC and CNN propoganda here. I never thought that I would have such contempt for the media here - I am not sure who is supposed to be living in a dictatorship, me or you.
Please don't think that everyone feels the same as the politicians here. No-one really understands what is happenening in Yugoslavia. They didn't know where Kosova was until 6 weeks ago.
I will continue demonstrating and protesting until this NATO barbarity is stopped, as will thousands of peope across the world. The bombing is opposed by a majority of people across Europe. Our voice will be heard.

Sun Jun 6 05:40:49 MDT 1999
Michael Hipple (
US, Oklahoma

Please K., don't stop writing to us. There are so few windows to the truth. You are very important to the world right now.
Michael Hipple

Sat Jun 5 22:53:42 MDT 1999
Geoff King (
Canada, Manitoba

Dear Katarina
It is Sunday morning here,so it has been Sunday for a while where you are. The bombing should be stopping now. Here is something macabre for you. We have an air show here today with many different kinds of planes including a demonstration of our warplane the CF18. I have to pay $36.00 to take my family to watch this plane do its show and drop a "pretend" bomb!Big bang and a lot of black smoke! This you get to see for free!I would like to add that I did not go and see this show!
Did you know that Serbia Information has published the details of the meeting on the border and also the details of the agreement on their website? I think when they publish this it must be true. But then Milosovic must hold true to his word and get out of Kosovo. I must tell you that my friend has a Serbian family as a next door neighbour here and they are the nicest people one could hope to meet. So, you can see that I know that all Serbs are not monsters. Well, you have a long ways to go now to rebuild a nation. I really hope that some day Serbs and Albanians can live together in peace. If the KLA start something then NATO should give them a good spanking!! I think Kosovo should be a part of Yugoslavia and I don't see why it can't be. All of Yugoslavia has a proud history and it should be preserved. Kosovo can be a province or a member state and all people should respect its religious significance! As well as share its mineral wealth.
Perhaps this note is getting too long. I'll say good bye here and good luck!

Sat Jun 5 17:17:48 MDT 1999
bob parkin (
England, North Devon

This is my third response to your "thoughts"....
I truly hope that the bombs will stop soon. No one can trust your self elected leader though! This may be the end of an air war, but we have to now look at what went on in Kosovo and bring those to who carried out mass destruction to people and buildings to justice...! You only lost your power and water and your nation has been put back 30 years...your brother or next of kin hasn't been murdered by your the next few weeks we will see what the NATO forces and the UN exhume!!!
Do you and your people have the backbone to stand up and be counted?...thats all it takes...people power!
You can hopefulley vote for change.
The western alliance will rebuild your country but not with M in power! seems reasonable to me!
He,(and his cronies,) has been the downfall of the Balkans for far too long.
Don't blame NATO for your self-inflicted problems.
You obviously do not have any idea as to what almost 100,000 refugees are doing to get by each day!
I think it is about time that your countrymen took control of your country...Reasonable politicians should prevail eh!
All the best and regards,

Sat Jun 5 13:01:35 MDT 1999
Charles (
USA, Nevada

Dear K.,

You mentioned not writing after the war is over. Please continue to write so that we will know the truth of what is going on in your country.

Fri Jun 4 16:34:31 MDT 1999
Damien (
Britain, Devon

Ha! My thoughts...I read your page most evenings after work. I think I`ve had a bad day, but yours soon puts it into prospective. More than anything I wish I REALLY knew why what is happening is happening, but I believe that little that is done by either side is done with any feeling for those involved. As to the most recent developements; well I feel that that they are dangerously inconclusive. They offer too much oportunity for this situation to flare up again - and that would be so very, very bad. I wish you all the best for the future. God bless and keep you,

Fri Jun 4 16:58:36 MDT 1999
Grave Easton (
uSA, Mass.

Dear K,
Yes, it appears that there may be an end to this stupidity. If so, I not only thank you for being so committed to giving us another view, but also encourage you to keep writing about the rebuilding and repairing that will be necessary, both structurally and politically. We need your voice; those of us who are ashamed at our governments' collusion and use of this 'war' for covering Clinton's crimes at home. May God bless you with strength and a sense of achievement.
Grave Easton

Fri Jun 4 12:39:33 MDT 1999
Jochen Heistermann (
Germany, bavaria

Dear Katarina!

I read through all of your diary and it means something to me. Here in germany we only hear the same news over and over (bad serbs, great NATO, poor albanians, great KLA, outstanding USA "fighting for peace and freedom").

We don't see the "silent suffering" from the serbian civilians, we don't know what really happens in Kosovo.

My opinion? The NATO bombing of your country was fatally wrong. I would have understood bombing of serbian military forces in Kosovo and cutting bridges, railroads and streets between Kosovo and Yugoslavia, but not bombing of power plants in and around Belgrade.

What will happen now? Bombing will be over, but there will be no official help for your country as long as Milosivic is in power.

You already pointed it out in one of your diary entries, no chance for your people to get rid of Milosevic, but there is some hope that he steps aside and resigns .... I hope you will continue your diary, its the only source of non-official unfiltered information I can get here in germany.

Finally, good luck for you and your family. Life will go on and it will hopefully normalize.

Fri Jun 4 10:14:28 MDT 1999
Sue Johnston (
Canada, Ontario

Dear Katarina and people of Yugoslavia,

This isn't much - for me to write you an e-mail from a place where bombs are not falling (sometimes I wish they were, just to WAKE people up!) - but I just felt the need to let you know that there are many people here who know the truth and recognize NATO's lies. We've had several large protests here, all over the country. I go almost daily to our parliament to protest. Unfortunately, our government doesn't listen to the people and act on our behalf. Some democracy! The whole thing makes me feel ill - especially that Canada is involved as an aggressor. My humblest apologies for that - I am truly and deeply ashamed. I desperately hope that this will soon end.I also hope that when it does end, the true war criminals are brought to justice ie. Clinton, Albright, Blair, Shea (especially him) Chretien.... the list is VERY long. There has been a movement actually, by a team of lawyers (led by Canadian lawyers) to have these 'people' indicted. I'm sure it will serve only to prove how! useless the Hague Tribunal is.

My heart goes out to you.

Fri Jun 4 09:46:27 MDT 1999
Britain, Greece

I was deeply shocked to read some of the responses Katarina received. It shows what propaganda could do to already low IQ levels and also the extent of psychopathic bevaviour in certain societies. We are not all morons though, nor are we all psychopathic nazis and in fact, I suspect that there are millions of us, citizens of the '19 democracies'(Turkey is a democracy! Now this is what I call a joke!) who are bitterly opposed to that war because we can understand what is all about. Yet, that crime against the Serbian people has commited in our names. I do not want to share that shame! I cannot help though not feeling guilty for not doing enough to stop it...

The war might be over soon but the issues that have been raised will not. What happened in Yugoslavia had such a huge impact on me I do not think I will ever forget. We should not let them get away with it. that gang should be tried for the murders of innocent people, the destruction of a country, the lies, the propaganda, the enviromental disaster...finally we should demand that they pay the bill for what they destroyed.otherwise,if we let the empire of devil(why is it that every time I see Shea, Albright, Brair and the rest of them talking I get that feeling that they are possesed?)arrogantly boasting about a supposed victory, God help us. I feel we enter a new dark age.NATO, the big brother, has already made it chillingly clear:they expect us to share their 'values'. well, i do not want to share their 'values' and I will certainly not share their 'values'. Katarina, they want you to believe that you are isolated. This is far from being true. Since the bombing started for many people i know, at least, the war became a very personal matter. How could it be different? You stand there in Kosovo, once again, for universal values, for pride and dignity and your Sacraments. I do feel compassion for the innocent Albanians like you.Their country is like an open wound and it is our obligation to help them but it is so sad that they are so combletely bought by Nato and cannot understand that Nato's intervention made their situation much worse. 'You've just killed my son but it's OK go on bombing'.I feel sorry for them. They have the right to live in peace in Kosovo and their human rights should be respected(as they should respect the human rights of the Serbian people living in Kosovo), but they should not be encouraged to believe that they could actually take away what is Yugoslavia's territory.NO country would accept anything like that!Yet, if you are a small balkan country you cannot afford to be patriotic like them... Katarina, ! I send you and all Serbian people my love and appreciation for resisting what is in fact our common enemy. I was in Belgrade some years ago and i was hooked by its beauty and the people. It hurts me to think what they 've done to it.When that dirty war it's over, I will be back there for sure...

Thu Jun 3 23:30:41 MDT 1999
Justin (

All of the apologists in this list give the excuse that this war "is really complicated " and "not that simple". We'll please explain your sniveling weak-backed arguments? What's so complicated about it?

Okay, its not completely true that Serbians raped, tortured, and killed a bunch of Kosovars because they are Muslim/ethnic Albanians! Its also true they are looking with greedy Slavic eyes upon the $5 billion worth of mineral rights beneath Kosovar! And that they thought Kososvo would be an easy victory to uplift narcississtic Serbian nationalism after their disastrous defeats by Croatia and Serbia-Hercegovina! And that since Milosovi wiggled his way out of war-crimes prosecution before, he thought he would be able to do it again!

OK. It may not be that simple. But all the OTHER reasons only
give us more of an excuse to bomb them into oblivion!

Thu Jun 3 16:08:58 MDT 1999
Geoff King (
Canada, Manitoba

Dear K. I have just heard some news. It sounds like the war will soon be over! There is some kind of agreement on the terms that NATO is demanding. I am glad for this! It is a cruel shame to bomb a country and a people because of the actions of political tyrants. I also think it is a shame that we are still bombing the soldiers. So many will not come home because they were killed in action in the last days. Milosovic does not keep his promises, so therefore NATO cannot let up. His army is still killing(executing)men and boys, and some young girls in Kosovo. Some boys as young as 13. I have a 14 year old son. I can't imagine what it would be like to hear that he was shot by paramilitaries or MUP.
There will be many scars in FRY and Kosovo. There is so much hatred there, I don't think you will ever have peace.
I hope that you will be alright and that you will be able to get on with your young life. Many in Kosovo will not.I am sorry but I feel that it was a moral obligation of western powers to stop this madman of yours. I hope that it will be over NOW!

Thu Jun 3 15:50:17 MDT 1999
Chris Kueny (
USA, South Carolina

I wrote a rap song that is to be sung loud and angry:

As a rival m.c. don't piss me off
Or I'll attack you like a Serb with a Kalashnikof
Jerk you out your house like a Kosevar
Burn the bitch down and make you walk real far

They say this once happened to the Jews
And the Armenians too according to the clues
But if you want to take the time to peruse
History you'll find it's all old news

So NATO says "hey don't rape that child
Just to drive these people out you gotta act that wild?"
I think you fuckers need to be Nuremberg trialed.
And now you done got the US all riled.

But we've lost the will to win a war
It's gonna be another Vietnam encore
Like a cat, our back should be arching
NATO ground troops should be marching

If you think we are another group of nazi interlopers
Y'all are a bunch of optimistic hopers
We've got shit you wouldn't have believed,
Fight against us and your families will be bereaved

10 man team in a Kosovar village
Waiting for the paramilitaries to pillage
Paramilitaries came, all got shot
That's what NATO's doing…..not!

Thu, 3 Jun 1999 12:18:06 +0100
Alex (


Wed May 26 18:06:00 MDT 1999
P F J (member) (
UK, Somerset

I've read your war diary. I've read some of others thoughts, but not all. And I am left very thoughtful after doing this. (Ah yes, we can all imagine the depths to which your thoughts much surely reach PFJ)

You say that you laugh at the western peoples opinion of the war (no PFJ, she only laughs at people like you), that you are best placed to know what is going on (no, PFJ, YOU are – after all, the war is being fought in Somerset isn’t it), and you imply that it is wrong for a war waged against the country in which you live to cause you suffering (no, it is actually part of the convention signed after the 2nd WW that civilians are NOT to be targeted in war – but surely a person with such knowedge as you would be able to relate to us the articles of the convention signed after the nuremberg trials, not to mention the UN Charter and Nato’s own charter). You also say that your fellow countrymen condemn you for writing this war diary (yes because people like you will read it PFJ, and educating you is obviously a complete waste of time).

You need to wake up and realise that your country is at war. (yes PFJ, she, unlike you, has no idea she is at war – she thinks the bombs raining on her head are a fireworks displays – while you, of course, know all there is to know about living in a city being pummelled back to the stone age being in that hellhole they call Somerset-) What I, or anybody else thinks about this war is irrelevant (no, PFJ, it is only your idiotic and pathetic excuse for a thought process that is irrelevant). Your county IS at war with SEVENTEEN other countrys (actually PFJ, that is NINETEEN countRIES – I suggest you learn how to spell and read before you venture into the realms

Thu Jun 3 02:55:20 MDT 1999
Johan Marticki (

Glad to hear from you again, althoug I whish you will be able to bring some better news one day. I want you to know that no matter what they say, you and your people are not alone. I and the International Community think about you every day, and I mean the real International Community, not the USA and their european puppy allies, the majority of the poor misserable population on this planet is on your side because they know how it feels to be exploited by the culturally superior West.
I guess I will have to add a few lines about the Kosovars as well. All people who are against the bombings are not for ethnic cleansing. I am not amazed of what certain people write to K., because it reflect the view held by the majority in those decadant societies from which they come. That they are obviously resulting from a distortion of facts doesn't matter, it's simply much more comfortable for the honest woking man who lives in safety to believe that the serbs are crimminals who gets what they deserve, that we, the good cowboys, are beating the hell out of those monsters. The distortion of facts is not so much a falsification of the truth, it's more a titanic omission of crusial facts in this conflict. All the experts in this region tell us one day that the conflicts there are extreamely complex and difficult to understand, the other day they give us some trivial explenation in a few sentences that anyone can easily adapt to, but that would be emediately questioned by ! a child.
What I want to say is that the most important thing in ANY situation is to think for oneself, not letting others do it for you. The atmosphere that have arisen in our Europ (obviously imported from America) beats everything the Soviet empire could invent. I only hope the people will realize what's going on before it's to late, before the real Internationl Community has had enough and get to gether to overthrow the west. To you people who write in and say that the serbs get what they asked for: That can happend to you as well, you are not invernerable, and as we all know the US is guilty of a whole lot more shit in this world than any tiny population of a ten million citizens! Look into your own conscience before you go out on your unwholy crusade to moralize in the world!!! Do you understand??? I doubt you ever will...
Katarina, keep on doing your tremendous work. I honestly believe it will be over soon, at least for this time. But that doesn't mean that it's all over of course. The world goes like the waves, up and down. Bad metaphore, but anyway... I only whish that I could one day read a happy letter from you, about very trivial things, filled with hope.

Wed Jun 2 18:14:00 MDT 1999
Charles Buffalo (
US, Virginia

Dear Katarina,

I admire your courage in writing the accountings of the life you are forced to live during these times of Atrocity. Reviewing the many thoughts you have received from the US, you well understand that while there are many who wish an end to this madness and are working towards doing what they can to end it, there are still many sheep here who willingly believe all that their leaders and media tell them. It is probably a greater job making them understand the realities than it is to turn the Aggressors away. Until some of these sheep feel the horrors you and your People are feeling, they may never wake up. Please keep your courage and continue to write. It is only through the words of those like yourself that the truth may reach those needing most to hear it. I will continue to tell everyone about your diary.

With Much Respect,
Charles Buffalo

Wed Jun 2 07:06:23 MDT 1999
Hugh Murray (
usa, mo

I have heard that under Tito Immigration from Albania was encoraged - and that under Tito Serbs were restricted and could not easily move back into Kosovo.

Also, I heard that during WWII the Italians and Germanys moved the Serbs out of KOSOVO and allowed the Albanians to move in.

Could you do a little history of Kosovo over the last 60 years and add it to your background section..

Thanks, Hugh Murray

Wed Jun 2 06:21:10 MDT 1999
Deming (
The People's Republic of China, GanSu

i am a chinese college student of lanzhou university.
i think we are on the same side of this war: Peace!

i want to talk with some Yusgoslavs and to know what they are thinking. but i am not skilled to explore in internet. so can you tell me where can i find some newsgroups or chatrooms to communicate with you.

all the chinese care about you!

Wed Jun 2 02:48:35 MDT 1999
Peter Pan (

citam ove vase stranice, gledam razlicite Tv stanice - do pred kratkim i Tv Beograd
Stvarno bi zelio razumjeti - u koliko je to muguce..
Nigdje nisam nasao - cuo, da se neko od vas pita
- zasto sve to?
- kako je pocelo
- pa ljudi, dali su svi - blesavi - fasisti i neznam kakvi jos, pa da se upitate
- dali smo mozda i mi sta krivi?
- Rusi su vam saveznici,pa znate da oni misle i racunaju u dolarima kao vi u DM ( i jos pred kretkim i MI !!!),
ne mogu prezivjet sebe bez fesistickih kredita ..itd..zimi jim Njemci salju hranu..itd..i sta mozete ocekivat od njih, sigurno nece u rat zbog vas
- dali se neko upita koliko godina ce trbat da dodjete tamo kde ste vec bili, koliko tragedija..itd..-pred kom vas brani Milosevic, za koga se bori?
Mozda ce neko ko ovo cita rec : evo jos jedan otrovan zapadnjackom propagandom..itd. samo varate se! nisam otrovan nikakvom propagandom, pa ni vasom
- zelio bi doc do objektivne istine!
P.s. : poceo sam studirati ( star sam 55)naseljavanje Slavena na Balkan i ko su bili Iliri, gde i do kada su ziveli na prostorima za koje vi kazete, da su vasi...
i bojim se da nikad vise nece bit "vasi" - a znate ko je to "prokockao" i za kakvu cenu!!! Koliko ljudi imat ce trajne posledice te avanture??? jednog ne vise - mini - hitlera!

Wed Jun 2 02:24:04 MDT 1999
Vadim (
Russia, Voronezh

Thank God nothing happened to you, Katarina. I am sure you are doing quite a job. The thing is that the West gets one-sided information on Kosovo. And I think I know one problem of many ordinary western hawks is - they do not realize two things. First, we, I mean the peoples of the former Soviet camp, do not believe in what our powers say or show on TV in the least. We know, we feel, from our own experience what is really going on in Kosovo without watching TV pictures for we've seen many wars and know what govn'ts usually say at this or that stage of war. Second, since, in contrast to us, those hawks do trust their govn'ts (they have no ground not to, for they are provided with better life standards), some people write to you that you see your bad state TV and that's why you do not understand the situation. Funny, isn't it? They do not know a slightest little bit of us and in addition they are misinformed themselves. But in contrast to us they are too often unable to see wher! e truth and where lie is.

Tue Jun 1 17:06:30 MDT 1999
Christine (
U.SA., California

We have been worried about you. Glad you are safe.God's love to you and your family and I will pray for your grandmother. There is a wedsite where many good americans that are against this war talk to each other. Someone set your letter and your website in it. You should go there if you can. then click in at middle of page when you get to freeper click here. Keep your hopes up and we will do what we can on this side. Oh yes mint tea is my favorite too. I will be thinking of you when I have my cup tonight.

Tue Jun 1 16:27:31 MDT 1999
Nuno Gaspar (
Portugal , Abrantes

Dear Katerina
It's painful to see NATO bloody actions on your country as it´s painful to hear it's justification. Even worse, it's hard read some thougths about it (ex:PFJ, eadler,Justin Volpe). It makes me remember W.Clark or J. Shee eyes on press meetings. Paranoic eyes, aren't they? All parts have already lost this war; NATO, Serbia, Kosovo people, UN, EU (may be gun dealears haven't lost so much),but there're two things we shouldn't lose: intelligence and good sense.
It's wonderful to know someone has got courage and resist against everything and tells the world its way of seeing.
Thank you Katerina.

Tue Jun 1 16:03:53 MDT 1999
E. C. (declined)
USA, declined

I just read your entry today. You said something that referred to the pilots doing the bombing as earning $15,000 a day plus $6,000 per flight. I don't know where you heard that but it is incorrect. Members of the American military get a set rate of pay depending on their rank no matter how much they fly or how much they work. No one in the american military earns more than $10,000 A MONTH (due to a price cap) let alone A DAY. Also, as far as the NATO bombings driving the refugees out- who are you kidding? People were fleeing Kosovo from Milosevic and his army of murderers long before the bombing started. I am not saying I support the bombing- but it is not true to say that is why people have left from Kosovo. I am sorry that innocent Serbs or suffering from the bombing. But it seems like the only way to make Milosevic stop murdering people.

Tue Jun 1 14:40:52 MDT 1999
Paul Donahue (
USA, Pennsylvania

For those who are telling K. that her people deserve to die for the sins of her countries leadership, here are some statistics:

1) People killed in pursuit of American interests, either directly by US or via it's proxies,(since 1960):

a. Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos - About 2 to 3 million

b. Indonoesia - 800,000

c. East Timor - 650,000, (about a third of the islands population)

d. Guatamala - 600,000

e. El Salvador/Nicaragua - 100,000

Panama - 2000 or so

f. Colombia - 10-20,000 and counting

g. Iraq - more than a 1 million and counting

h. Yugoslavia - couple thousand civilians, who knows how many military, and counting.

US TOTAL = 5.7 million killed by US or its proxies in pursuit of US aims.

2) People killed in the interests of "Serbia" during conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo:

a. A couple 10s of thousands (at very most?)

All killing is abominable but who are the bigger barbarians who deserve to be punished???

Just some perspective...

Tue Jun 1 14:32:09 MDT 1999
Nathan Maxfield (
Canada, Ontario

I just wanted to write to tell you not to give up hope. There are people who care and who are listening all over the world. In the next week I plan to organise a walk out at my school to stop the NATO bombing. It probably won't do much , but I think everyone should try to do something.

Don't give up and keep up the good work,

Tue Jun 1 06:47:17 MDT 1999
colleen brinen (
Canada, Nova Scotia

Is Katrina okay? It's the 5th day since the last posting. I do know that the bombing has been constant sine that time so I pray that it is a lack of power that has kept her from writing again and not something far more tragic. I worry about her and the other civilains of Serbia just as much as I worry about the Kosovars.

She is in my prayers.


Tue Jun 1 03:46:31 MDT 1999
daniela kauderer (
Italy, Brescia

I'm furious, very furious about what people dare to respond to Katarina.
If she is guilty of what was happenig in Kosovo (ignoring the fact that the situation for the Kosovo people became even worse with the beginning of the NATO bombing), so much guilty to giustify the death of many serbians, so why don't you have a look on the rest of the world?
Following your logic you should ask for the immediate start of bombing Turkey and kill all turcs for what is going on in Kurdistan. German people should have been erased 60 years ago. But in first of all the USA should be bombed with all weapons available for the crimes and the dirty wars they spread all over the world. All us-americans being guilty for the suffering and death of millions of people? So all should die? These are NOT MY thoughts, but following the ideas of some people, this would be the conclusion. Terrible!!!
If it's true that NATO is fighting for human rights of the Kosovarians, why do they contaminate the Kosovo with Uranium?
After all I have to believe that this war is happening for power reasons only. NATO shits on human rights. Until now I didn't see nothing else. NATO cares for the Kosovarians only for propagandistic reasons, to hide the real motivation of this criminal war. Please, Katarina, go on with your diary. I am a German woman living in Italy, and we are in many reading with great interest your reports. Let us all work together to stop all the wars!!!

Mon May 31 13:21:14 MDT 1999
John C. Johnston (
USA, Florida

Dear K,

Quite simply, this war is being waged to ensure that western corporations can obtain control of Kosovo's trillions of dollars of mineral resources.

Yugoslavia has no intention of giving control of this wealth to foreign interests.

On the other hand, the Kosovar/Albanians have already indicated that under an *independent* Kosovo, mineral rights would be granted to western corporations.

Pretty simple, isn't it?
Kosova (under KLA control) will simply be another 'banana republic', with all of it's wealth flowing westward.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans bellieve all of the NATO propaganda. THE U.S. PRESS DOES NOT QUESTION THE GOVERNMENT!

As far as the average American believes, the US is acting legally and morally. They believe that the entire worls supports NATO. They consider Milosovich to be Hitler and the Serbs to be monsters. They are only allowed to see pictures of refugees, and may only hear anti-Serb rhetoric. Of course, even if the truth were to reach them it would do no good, since most Americans just don't care. Even those of us who disagree with the NATO atrocities are complacent. The silence is killing you.

I honestly do not know what I can do. Nobody seems to listen. Nobody seems to care. I am ashamed to be an American.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and to your entire country. May this insanity end soon.

John C. Johnston

Mon May 31 00:41:51 MDT 1999
Dean Myrick (

Keep up the good work K.. I hope I hear from you soon. I hope the bombing ends soon.