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Fri Dec 10 22:09:47 MST 1999
Margaret Paslausky (
USA, ct

Every now and then I visit this site only to find nothing has been posted by K for some time now. I still am concerened for her and her countris welfare, as I'm sure many other Americans are. I would hope each time that I come to this site that I will find something of an update on how K is doing and all others that have had to endure this awful war that was perpetrated by Clinton and Blair.

God Bless You and Your family and friends

Sat Nov 20 07:06:48 MST 1999

It is me again(Magda). Katarina and Sean got into a car accident. Sean's alright but Katarina might die. When I am writing to you I feel like you are really listening or reading this. My life could not be perfect if Katarina was not in it.
When I got the phonecall from the hosiptal I thought I would break down. I started to cry and I didn't know how to tell Mattew and Darin about their sister and father but I am trying to make my point by telling the world that with out you it would be a big mess. You have touched everones souls and you will touch much more. I just want to say that you are a bright person or angel I should say. All you think about is being killed by Ameica but if you did then you would be an angel for sure. Please keep that bright spark in your life and always be thankful that you got people looking out for you because when your 25 years old like me you got alot of things to think about. I hope I made a point to you. Magda&Darin&MAttew&Sean&My K.

Fri Nov 19 15:25:54 MST 1999
Teresa A Terranova (
please forgive me USA; my heart is in YU , Arizona

I just wanted to say that I am not a proud American. The things that we have done (our government) are grossly unfair to all the innocent people, and that just because a few are wrong shouldn't mean that all are judged based on those that truly are guilty. I will say that Milosevic and Clinton are like two boys fighting in the playground over the swing set.

The reason why I said that my heart in in Yugoslavia, is because I am in love with a Serbian man. I know what is going on over there still today and the hardships that your people will be facing this winter. I already have heard of the problems arising.

It makes me sad when I know that I cannot go to him in his land, nor can he come to mine. We are also in the middle of this damn war, that is supposed to be over but will probably continue indefinately. I wish to someday go to YU to live. I only want to be with him.

I understand a little of your language, and a lot of your pain. I hope that someday, things can smooth out and we can finally live together in peace.

~Teresa "Kostic" (soon to be)

Thu Oct 28 18:13:55 MDT 1999
Sean & Magda (Http://We're Married. com)
Polska, Warzawa

You have touched our souls with your stories. Sean and I got married two years ago and we have never really tought of war in our country.Now we save food and water so we'll be prepared because now that we have three beautiful children Mattew (4) Darin (3) and Katrina (1) we want to have a peaceful life. (Katrina was named after you because she is our most chrished child.We wish you the best.

Sean,Magda,Mattew,Darin,and Katrina.

Thu Oct 14 04:01:10 MDT 1999
Kenneth (


I'm working with other students on my campus to organize education and outreach efforts on campus at UC Berkeley, and also I am personally starting a Serbian refugee relief group. This is all very small, but perhaps it will do something. I really haven't done anything significant since June. It is an interesting time. Reunions, remembering, planning for the future. I was just wondering what happened to K? I guess that is all. I would like to know more about the current situation of people in Belgrade, if not Serbia as a whole.

Mon Sep 6 02:06:06 MDT 1999
Stephen Kawamoto (
Canada , BC

The sad thing about this is now NATO is calling itself the defender of democracy.

However, the Hitler here is nor Milosevic. It is both sides, the Kosovar Muslims who act no better than Arabs, the Serbs who are better behaved yet are unruly sometimes, and NATO, who pretends to defend democracy but use fascism to protect capitalist interests in the Balkans.

Democracy by guns is a farce. Democracy by peace is as easy as taking a breath, rather than picking up a rock.

The Albanians may be proud descendants of Illyrians, but they act like ungrateful guests who walk into houses with shoes covered with cow dung.

At the same time, the Serbs have not checked their rougher brothers from retaliating. It is well known that Arkan is a criminal and as guilty of drug smuggling at the Albanians that supply the UCK with money to buy arms.

We in the free world outside of the Balkans are equally culpable. We make the arms.
We elected the politicians.

I am ashamed to be Canadian.
I am saddened to see the monasteries of Kosovo vanish.

As for this being a Muslim versus Christian war, it is no such thing. Few Kosovars went to the Muslim prayer area in the camp in Ontario Canada. I doubt Serbians go to church more than once a week.

And what habits each side teaches its children.

Sun Sep 5 21:49:11 MDT 1999
Juan Madden (
usa, California

Hi Katarina.

I wrote you from Guam, back in April. I was just wondering how you were.

I will be out of the Navy in three weeks, and was thinking if there were any possibilities to go to Jugo to do some kind of volunteer work to help out for the winter.

Just writing in case you might know of something.


Sun Sep 5 20:13:20 MDT 1999
Colleen Brinen (
Canada, Nova Scotia

Have you heard anything from Katrina lately? The updates during the war were great. But how is she now? How does she see things in her country now that the jets have stopped dropping bombs on them.

I still care even though the war is said to be over...

Thu Aug 5 19:39:46 MDT 1999
Dr. William Joseph Buckley (
USA, Maryland

I e-mailed you 7-10 days ago and have not (yet) heard a response. Did you receive it? I am Georgetown University ethics professor who is editing a volume on the Kosova/Yugoslavian war with some 75 international contributors, including over 15 Serbian authors--from Belgrade University. I would like to use selections from your war diary in the book. Can you please help Me? I am happy to send more info about the book (table of contents and list of contributors, etc.). Can you please reply ASAP? We go to press in six weeks, and your contribution would help us both! We don't want exclusive rights and will pay to use it! I look forward to your prompt reply!

Fri Jul 9 03:03:40 MDT 1999

Are you fine, Katerina?
I would like to know of you soon.

Regards, Javier


Sat Jul 3 04:30:51 MDT 1999
Juan Madden (
USA, California / Guam

Hi K.

I wrote you some time ago, you might remember me.
I have been out of touch in Australia, and the media there is probabaly worse than CNN, so I did not pay it much attention. Due to my work and location, Internet was almost impossible, so many events passed me by.
I think I mentioned to you that I was working for SFOR in the RS in the winter of 97/98,
and my mind and views are the same as yours. I retire from the Navy the last day in September, and I feel as if some force is calling me to Serbia. To me it is quite understandable, for I have traveled the world but never met better people than you.

I'm at Guam now, but will be leaving to California next week and then off to New York (mountains) for a month. I would love to stay in touch.


Tue Jun 29 20:04:12 MDT 1999
Iridium (
USA, Arizona

I'm sorry for what the USA and NATO is doing. I do not accept this type of action. Friends and families were killed. I do not like war. May youfind happiness, joy, and love...

A friend,

Sat Jun 26 12:37:51 MDT 1999
Mia Fortescue (
USA, California

Dear K,

I just stumbled accross your web page and have been reading all your past correspondance with horror and great sadness.

I can understand your anger towards NATO and Clinton. Please know there are many, many people here who are also outraged by the decision to bomb your country. It is so terribly confusing to know what, if anything one can do or what to believe. I cannot imagine what it is like for all of you, except hearing my Father tell me stories of being in the Blitz in England.

My brother lived in Yugoslavia for a year and I know it is an incredibly beautiful country. It must break your heart to see the distruction.

I can only send you my love and support. I don't know what else to do. The hostility and violence of mankind is a complete mystery to me. It just makes me cry. I pray there can be peace for you. Sincerely, Mia Fortescue

Thu Jun 24 11:33:55 MDT 1999
Victor Wallenius (
USA, Spokane, Washington

As a true American, from the bottom of my Heart, I truly apologize to you for this hideous barbarity that has beeninflicted upon your brave country! There is nothing inherently American in this outrageous bombing attack, and I just want you to know that all good Americans will always valiantly fight to protect the Christed Ones like you! I live in utter shame!

Thu Jun 24 07:59:31 MDT 1999
Vadim (
Russia, Voronezh

Thanks for writing again. I will really appreciate if you keep me informed of what it is going on in your country and about your feelings in particular. This is the only way of getting politically unbiased information for me. It is really a bad joke that some mentally disadvantaged have accessed your intimate open-hearted diary. Look at the writings of Nazi Tony from Scotland, for example. He cannot write a single sentence without making several spelling or grammar mistakes. An illiterate individual judging high political things. I wish Albanian refugees flooded into his home town, bore "1000's of people", claimed independence and then his illiterate equals from all over the world accused him of mass killings? And what torture chambers and concentration camps others write about? Have you ever heard of innocence presumption? Clinton's cronies are the only witnesses and judges. Who of them cares whose tortures are found and who was tortured in them? And once Reuters showed that NATO KFOR found and Albanian torture chamberÖ And Serbs were tortured in there. One of the victims KFOR couldn't save. What the brave defenders of the weak did? They were courageous enough to disarm and march out the terrorists.

Wed Jun 23 19:39:06 MDT 1999

you must be going through hell,things will get better just keep the faith,,whatever that is..:)

Wed Jun 23 09:50:26 MDT 1999
Margaret Murad (
USA, Connecticut

Dear Katarina,
I anxiously wait to read your thoughts and how you are doing, please do keep up with your information. As you can see I am an American, however, I have never been so ashamed of the actions of my country re: this "war", agression, "campaign" as Clinton called it. Bill Clinton now stated om a speech just this week that we can today, tomorrow, at any time go to any part of the world, Europe, Africa, where we feel there is agression towards a certain ethnic group. So where will the next "campaign" be in this world ? Both Clinton and Blair are frightening. I am so sorry for the innocent people in your country that have had to suffer over this unjusifialbe war. My prayers and thoughts to out to all of you.
God Bless, and take care.
M. Murad

Wed Jun 23 03:49:25 MDT 1999
Andrew (
England, London

I think that the Serb people think that the world is against them, if you were to knock on my door I would invite you in, your people have been dragged into a war which has ruined the whole of your country.

But if I was to see on of your police men, or soldger I would wish that some one would treat them in the same way that they have treated their fellow countryman.

It is unfortunate that your country has in authority men who have very little disreguard for life. their only friend are the Russians. I dont think they can help too much when the Western World is helping them out by giving them billions of $$$.

The only way your country can rebuild its self is whith the help of the people who bombed it, and they wont do that untill it is run by a person who understands how to treat its fellow countryman with respect and diginity.

When that happens we will rebuild your bridges.

(We are already giving you help putting back the power, didnt you know that ?)

Tue Jun 22 19:52:14 MDT 1999
goranyu, canada(west serbia)

katarina, ne znam da li ces nastaviti sa pisanjem, ne znam ni da li jos uvijek citas ove 'thoughts', ali bih volio da ne prestanes. s obzirom na to da raja i rodbina iz yuge rutinski lazu i uljepsavaju situaciju, ovo nam je jedini relativno objektivan izvor informacija. nadam se da ces uskoro poceti pisati o ustanku protivu slobe- oruzanom, ako je ikako moguce. ja sam tvoje godiste. sa 14 sam zbog njega napustio bosnu, a onda sa 19 i beograd. u septembru dolazim da ga ubijem, ako jos bude na vlasti, a nadam se da nece. sada je napravio najvecu gresku u karijeri. da je predao kosovo bez otpora, ili barem nakon prvih bombi, znam da se niko ne bi bunio. ovako je probudio nezamisliv patriotizam, a onda mrtav-hladan predao unisteno kosovo. sada kad u beograd pocnu da stizu i unisteni pissed-off srbi sa kosova, nadam se da ce imati dovoljno pameti da utekne na kipar, dok jos moze.
sta ljudi danas misle u beogradu? ko ga jos podrzava? ko su oni surreal tipovi na mitinzima rekonstrukcije? ako mozes, molim te napisi nesto o tome.

cestitam na prezivljavanju


Tue Jun 22 12:59:51 MDT 1999
warren (

In response to

Do you do anything else other than post rude refutes to this board? I think YOU are the one who has an overinflated authoritarian ego, and really has not a clue to reality.

Mon Jun 21 20:38:09 MDT 1999
Kenneth Ott (
USA, California

Before Yugoslavia starting in 1998, I thought that the media was pretty good at covering things, and that CNN was merely doing their best to report comprehensively. I wondered what the Bosnian Serbs did when Time magazine showed "Pale gets bombed" on its cover. But between my high school years and now, my opinions have shifted significantly.

I now know that many of the "atrocity" stories, the Racak "massacre," the bombing of Muslim civilians in Sarajevo, were staged or made up. So I am very cynical about U.S. media now and will always be. Yes Serbian forces have exacted a toll on the Albanians living in Kosovo, but it might have only been slight violence and not a massive pushing out if NATO did not start bombing... besides this I see Albanian nationalist intolerance as what propelled Milosevic to power in the first place -- "you will never be beaten again" he told the Kosovo Serbs in 1991.

At any rate I am sad that all sides of the conflict have suffered terribly now at NATO's hands. It's unfortunate that so many "Americans" actually believe what the top media/gov on down spew, as if some of us don't know any better. One AP wire story recently had Albanians being forced by Serbs to wear orange reflective (construction worker) vests while digging their own mass graves... gee, I guess the Serbs really didn't want to be detected eh. And why is a field of individual mounds called a mass grave (which is one big pit, and certainly without numbered markers!)

That the U.S./Germany encouraged the splitup of Yugoslavia since 1990 is on record in many ways. That my leaders are using the Muslim Albanians as a fig leaf for NATO "humanitarian bombing" is quite cynical. Will Armenia be next? Who knows. At my university a group came together in early April to protest the war and u.s. foreign policy in general; we are at also we are planning a fall conference =)

I really have enjoyed reading and i hope that life improves for all Yugoslavians someday. for now I will just say I'm very sorry for what my country has done to yours. Yours is not the first or last country.

best wishes,
kenneth ott

Sun Jun 20 15:49:57 MDT 1999
Shawnee Johnson (
usa, California

I really appreciate you putting your life out for us all to know about. It really helps the world to get an inside view of what is happening there. My heart breaks for all the people on both sides, Serbs and Albanians. My son is in Albania volunteering to help the Albanian refugees, but he would just as willingly help Serbian refugees, and quite possibly may end up doing so.
I hope you will be able to continue your writing as the aftermath of this terrible "war" continues. It will help the world to understand from the inside what is really going on.
Thank you for your passion and dedication. I pray for you.

Sun Jun 20 10:52:31 MDT 1999
Zidane (
USA, Pennsylvania

This is a messsage for KDOG. Hey K-DOG: Your stupidity and hasty judgment is comical yet outrageous. You are an ignorant, conceited and stupid fuck who passes judgement on others without having any idea what is going on in the world. You are so stupid that you cannot fathom your own limitations and insignificance. Your sickness lies not so much in the fact that you are mis-infomed, but in your self-deception and hypocricy that makes you feel confident despite your feeble-minded emotional reasoning.

Sun Jun 20 00:43:20 MDT 1999
warren (

Torture chambers? And now concentration camps?

Do you really expect us to have an inkling of sympathy toward you or your country or your people, even the so-called "innocent" civilians?

The more video, photographs, and testimony I see, the sicker I this 1999 or is this 50 years ago? True, the same things are occuing right now in places such as Sierra Leone or Sri Lanka, but this is Europe! And of all places, I think you would have learned something from history.

But alas, blind nationalism clouds your vision, and political silence only suggests you are conspirators.

May someone have mercy upon your wretched nation.

Fri Jun 18 21:18:00 MDT 1999
Michael Morrison (
USA, Pennsylvania

Clinton's war was illegal and immoral. I do hope the people of Yugoslavia -- and the rest of the world -- realize there was a lot of American opposition to the killing.
My own philosophy is opposed to all war, but most especially do I oppose killing civilians.
This has been a disgrace, a sin and a crime.

Fri Jun 18 12:47:37 MDT 1999
M Murad (

Dear K,
Yes, please keep us updated on the situation there in your country, even though this supposedely "peace" has been declared. I am so sorry for all the destruction that has taken place in your country. My prayers and thoughts are with you and all the other inocent people there. I know I speak for a lot of other people here in the USA.
God Bless, and keep you safe and well.
M. Murad

Fri Jun 18 00:35:00 MDT 1999
kdog (

Your country has really done some FINE work in Kososvo. A beautiful torture chamber in the police basements, piles of human remains at innumerable locations, blood-stains in a house which are so plentiful they pooled in the basement, and continuing looting and burning as your're drunken defeated troops depart....more then enough work to keep war crimes investigators busy for the next few years.

I'm sure you're real proud of your brothers, fathers, and uncles handiwork. I'm sure they tell you that none of this has happened and you believe them, just like you seem to believe anything which puts your country in a good light. In reality, your entire generation of Serbs will go to their deathbed denying what has happened and blaming their misfortune on NATO. Your people are indeed a sad and miserable group.

Thu Jun 17 16:39:21 MDT 1999
Tony (
Scotland, UK

I am not surprised that some people have lost the plot as far a the Kosavo senario are concerned - In that We as NORMAL can ignore that the Serbs have killed 1000's of people and we know look to the point that the Alabaian Person is KNOW BACK IN HIS/HERE country and why not take some reactive action to any serbs there ---- thets not forget they are the PEOPLES who killed many thousands of INOCENT ALBAINIANS I have MADE MANY E_MAILS TO U AND I FIND THAT U ARE VERY SELECTIVE WHO MADE u THE MEDIA POLICE

i think that K is a serb who is so keyed up in here own message to life that she can't - as we have seen LIFE IN THE REAL WORLD.

iwould be very surprised if this message got thro or was even viewed by U - I accept that as part of ure small minded and ANAL view on/in life If this message makes it to the posted it will be the 2/15

Wed Jun 16 22:47:13 MDT 1999
maggie chen (
China, Sichuan

Dear K: I have kept on turning to your diary every day. Please keep on writing. In a world where truth is shadowed by endless lies your diary provide some solide ground for us to stand on with confidence and trust. Besides this site has become a international debating meeting in some way. I have read all the responses posted and have some idea of what people are really thinking. No use to turn to the media. They have no credit these days. So the war is over, is it? Is it still too early to judge? What before you maybe even more difficult. Please keep us informed of the process of reconstruction.
keep well and happy.

Wed Jun 16 10:19:32 MDT 1999
Tara McWeeney (

Please keep this diary up, its needed even more than before. People will start to lose interest because of the 'peace' let them see the aftermath which will last ten times than the war.
Good luck K, take care

Wed Jun 16 09:03:32 MDT 1999
Mark (Smi9234103@AOL.COM)
USA, West Virginia

Your bravery and courage during the past few months has been an inspiration. No, do not end this diary because the war is not truly over.
First and foremost, the terrible damage NATO has caused must be made very public.
Second, I don't believe they will ever disarm the KLA, nor can they prevent fighting in Kosovo between Serbs and Albanians. Will they ever leave?
Finally, the west has set back the cause of democracy in Yugoslavia for years. You now have no present hope of removing Milosevic. I appreciate your insights since we get little real news in this country. Good luck in getting back to school and I'll keep praying for peace in your part of the world.

Wed Jun 16 07:22:53 MDT 1999
Jenn (
USA, North Carolina

I am so sorry for what my country has done. Many Americans protested every bomb dropped, only to find deaf ears. I wish you all well & pray for a safe and promising future. God Bless....

Wed Jun 16 07:06:22 MDT 1999
Steve New (
UK, S. Devon

Hi K,
I wrote to you before, regretting the war but NOT the fight against the Nazis that rule your country. They are finding more and more mass graves every day, and still there are the apologists writing to you about "the evil Nato". When are these morons going to wake up? I don't care about any hidden(?) agenda of Nato, what I do care about is that the slaughter of Woman and Children by your Paramilitarys, Police and Army has been nipped in the bud. The obvious side affect is that the Serb people have stopped being bombed. The apologists would obviously allow their families to be killed if anything like this mess ever happened in their country. They would also have supported Hitler in the 1930's. Leave your city and go and find out what's REALLY happening, then you may stop dripping about your hard life without electricity and maybe help dig up some Kosovan six year old who was unfortunate to come across your "GROUND" forces. I emphasize because they can have NO excuse about mistargeting.
Other than that I'm glad you survived.

Wed Jun 16 05:11:32 MDT 1999
Colleen Brinen (
Canada, Nova Scotia

Please if you wish to continue writing then do so. It is a breathe of fresh air when you write. I know that there is much to been done in your country and thatit will be difficult for you. I pray that things will go better for you and that the sirens that continue to go off in your head will one day stop too. Please keep writing whenever you can. I enjoy hearing of your hardship not because it makes me glad but because it helps me understand what is going in your country. I pray that Milosovic will be shown out of office and pray that a new, strong, moral leader will follow him.

All the best to you and yours:

Wed Jun 16 02:25:04 MDT 1999
Vadim (
Russia, Voronezh

It makes me sick to hear how your neighbour states behave in this difficult situation (recall that Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania supported Hitler Germany in WWII). I do not know what these slav peoples are guided by. Maybe by the Western media? Actually now and then I read washintgotpost, daily telegraph, CNN, BBC and other pro-Western sites and I am astonished that they do not write about Serbs fleeing from Kosovo. They write about 20.000 thousand Albanians coming back but not a word of 30.000 Serbs getting away! Though, of course, this fact is impossible to misinterpret in a way helpful to NATO as they are always doing. Or maybe these slavs are simply lackeys as Yugoslav ambassador in Russia called them? The whole situation seems to be a real ordeal for Serbia. I do not know who can help you for, as I wrote earlier, I am sure deliberately or not they would not give up this evil business that easy.

Wed Jun 16 02:19:13 MDT 1999
Johan Marticki (

As I understod you will not write anymore. If that's true I will miss your letters, although I know that the reason you do not write for the 'war diary' is a good one. It seems the war has ended. I am with you in your hopes for the future, but the future seems all but bright right now. I expect to see more of these riots soon, more little flames on CNN, I only hope they will not involve your unfortunate people anymore.
Good luck Katarina! Realize your dreams if you still have any! I hope you will succeed with your studies, and that you will be able to do what a young girl should be able to do. I hope your eyes are not marked with too much age and bad experience. Go abroad and you'll probably see the difference from the last time you did, some people will understand you, some won't. It was graduation day here in Sweden last week, the young 'future' was celebrating. My thoughts, however, are with your graduation, so much different... I cannot imagine the feeling of realising that the war above has ended.
I hope I hear from you again sometime. Love Johan.

Tue Jun 15 23:39:27 MDT 1999
Gina (

Dear K.

I'm glad the bombing has stopped and you and your family are alive! Please keep writing, although you say that maybe now no-one will be interested in what you have to say, I for one, am still very interested.

This is the part of war that the movies always glamorize, and American's in particular, with all of our war movies, live with such a mythology of "spreading democracy" (never mind that politically we support totalitarianism in other countries to our own advantage.

I think that the mythology is slowly losing it's power. Keep writing!

Tue Jun 15 00:49:29 MDT 1999
dzark (
Poland, Lodz

So you lost Kosovo.
But... did you not deserve that?
You were brave, yes, but only against armless people. It's easy to "fight" with old men and children. For sure it was not knight's fight for Holy Land. You were so used to Western style of life that the only war you had been able to wage it was that of the style of Los Angeles gangs. Now you are celebrating the end of the war. I think the only thing to do for you is to pray for West money.
Remember that you can lose Voyvodina as well and divorce with Cernogora is very probable.


Mon Jun 14 14:08:18 MDT 1999
john richards (
england, norfolk

sorry they have taken kosovo i wish i could return it to you. the irish waited over 600 years just to talk about a return. i know that nato is just a uk/usa pupppeti wish i could pull the strings.god bless you hope you find a way to you homes

please reply i would love to offer help on a one to one. if need stuff e mail i will do what i can

god bless
best wishes

Fri Jun 11 15:43:27 MDT 1999
Matthew Kirk (
United Kingdom, East Sussex

Dear K this is the first time that i have visited a site about the current war in Kosovo and i would like to point out what a good site that you have and that i condem the Nato bombing and that i am glad to see the whole thing ending.

Thank you for the insight into the war in Kosovo it was very inlightening.


Fri Jun 11 13:48:44 MDT 1999
Jeff Welch (
USA, California

Dear K,

I became aware of your site through Znet, and have followed closely. It's as hard for us here in LA to imagine what you've been through, as I'm sure it will be for you to imagine the harsh reality I'm about to share.

On June 10th, the announcement that the bombing would finally stop came at about 12:45pm here.

Understand, that this is a time when soap-operas are on tv. The news stations here in Los Angeles, on almost a weekly basis, interrupt any tv programming in order to give a live broadcast of one of the frequent car chases we have here on our freeways -- and the news continues their car-chase reporting for as long as the car chase takes, even if that means 3 to 4 hours.

However, not a single station here in LA even bothered to interrupt their soap operas in order to give the news that our air-war had finally come to an end. Only cable such as CNN covered it. The other networks saved the story for their normally scheduled broadcasts, around 4pm. Soap operas were too important to interrupt.

So you can see our priorities here. First, car chases. Second, soap operas. And finally, news that our war may finally be ending.

Believe me, those of us here who don't live in oblivion and ignorance, are feeling great shame and sadness in regards to it all.

Your diary has been a testament to your courage -- your writings amplify the shallowness of our own sheltered lives here in Tinseltown. I wish you luck, safety, and a bombless future.

Take care.

Wed Jun 9 20:38:28 MDT 1999
Zidane (

This is a message to Justin Volpe: Justin, you are shining example of a bigot who judges many things he doesn't know much about. You seem to have a destructive but self-serving mind that finds it easy to rationalize its sickness. You are a powerless wimp who makes judgement about power and war while forgetting your own utter insignificance.

Tue Jun 8 11:19:43 MDT 1999
U.S. citizen but living in Costa Rica , Arizona, USA

To whom it may concern,

My name is Ash Friederich and I am currently a volunteer at Radio For Peace International. RFPI is a shortwave radio station located in Costa Rica and I am currently producing a show called Freedom of Speech:A Kosovo Report. I am looking for a common citizen in the region that I could exchange some e-mails with. Racial ethnicity is no importance of me as I report from both sides. Please if there is anyone that is willing to exchange some e-mails, please write me. My personal e-mail address is IRISHPRID3@AOL.Thanks again.
Ash Friederich
Volunteer at RFPI and producer of Freedom of Speech:A Kosovo Report.

Tue Jun 8 07:22:08 MDT 1999
Tiffany Scruggs, Laura HansenU.S.A, Maine

We are two of Ms. Stauffer's students. We want to wish K. the best.(Ms. Stauffer is K's "American Mother" from when K. came to America.) K. means alot to Ms. Stauffer and the class. We check every day on the computer if she wrote to us. We just give you lots of luck.

Tiffany Scruggs
Laura Hansen

Tue Jun 8 06:16:31 MDT 1999
Vladimir Milosevic (
Srbija, ali i USA - ne staj mi na muku, please!

Sjajna prezentacija, ali sada sam kratak s vremenom. Vise detalja u buducnosti!

Mon Jun 7 13:36:07 MDT 1999
paul anthony (
usa, california

Dear K,
Just have to tell you how moved I was by your 'war diary' letters. As an American under Clinton, what can I say? I feel deeply for all you non-combatants there, the bombing campaign puts a cloud of guilt on all of us here, I hope you know that there are millions of us that know always that it is not the civilians who deserve this. I won't tell you what I think of your politicians and generals, and ours. I wish I knew more about what you all hear and think about your army's activities because I feel deeply also for the Albanians who are being brutalized by your armies. I know there is nothing you can do about them (except protest? I've heard that's dangerous for you there). I hope you make it through this ok, and that wish goes to all of the innocents around you. Good luck and write me back anytime if you wish.

Paul Anthony, L.A. CA, USA

Mon Jun 7 01:54:36 MDT 1999
Father Arthur Lewis (
England, West Midlands

I completely dissociate myself from the actions of the Brirish government in Yugpslavia and pray daily for the victims of the bombing in Serbia and Kosovo. Neither we nor our Parliament have been consulted. The ordinary people of this country are almost voiceless. We fear for the long-term consequences of this terible action both in your country and in the wider world.

God bles and keep you.